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In Loving Memory of Suzanne Marmita D'Arcy


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In Loving Memory of Suzanne “Mamita” D’Arcy Devoted Wife, Dedicated Mother and Adoring Grandmother

Slide 2: 

A Blushing Bride awaiting her Prince Charming

Slide 3: 

Hmmm, I wonder….?

Slide 4: 

No wonder!!! 55 years of devotion and love

Slide 5: 

Absolute devotion!

Slide 7: 

Relaxing in Mexico

Slide 8: 

She loved the Sun

Slide 10: 

But not as much as her beloved France

Slide 11: 

Bon Appétit!

Slide 12: 

She was Energetic, fun-loving and lived life to the fullest!

Slide 14: 

She had a infectious laugh. You couldn’t help laughing with her.

Slide 17: 

She was the bestest cook in the whole wide world.

Slide 18: 

Momma’s in the kitchen cooking up a storm.

Slide 21: 

Family’s important to her

Slide 29: 

Three Generations of “Gorgeous”

Slide 30: 

Mamita and I

Slide 32: 

Her Proudest Moment: her Baby getting Married

Slide 33: 

And another married!

Slide 35: 

Adapting effortlessly to a new culture

Slide 38: 

Yum Seng, Santé, Cheers! Anyway it’s said, it’s a good toast

Slide 41: 

Mamita and her Grand-babies.

Slide 42: 

Hello Mamita

Slide 55: 

Mamita and her first Great Grandbaby

Slide 57: 

Celebrating your long, energetic, fulfilling life. This is your Family.

Slide 58: 

Rest in Peace, Mamita. We love you

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