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Web quest:

Web quest CHALLENGE! Build a rocket!

Your mission…:

Your mission… You must… Create a rocket that is: Streamlined Air tight Has fins

You will need to find out:

You will need to find out What makes a rocket fly? What shape does it need to be? How many fins do you need? How are you going to make it airtight ? Internet resources Rocket Science 101 Water Rockets Rocket Aerodynamics Aerospace web

You will have…:

You will have … A cylindrical Tube Masking Tape A4 Paper Scissors Remember! Keep it simple and try to reach the moon!


PLAN YOUR ROCKET! In your team, create a design on paper. Use your research to help you make the best decisions about your design. Think carefully! Click here for your planning design sheet.

Create your rocket:

Create your rocket Now you are happy with your final designs collect your resources and begin to build the rocket. Try to do this independently: work with your team members and collaborate.


THE TEST Is your rocket up to the challenge? Let’s use the launch pad to test them! We are going outside to test each team’s rocket. At all times you MUST listen to all instructions given to you by your teacher.

Recording what happens:

Recording what happens Make sure that a team member is taking photos of your rocket during the launch.

Evaluate How could you improve?:

Evaluate How could you improve? Which team’s rocket was the most successful? Can you compare your rocket to others? How were the rockets similar and how did they differ? What would you do next time to make your rocket travel further? Evaluate your rocket on this sheet.

How much did you learn.. ?:

How much did you learn.. ? Quiz

And finally:

And finally ….hope it was more successful than this one…

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