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Untangling the Web:

Untangling the Web By: Kelly Cohn

PowerPoint Presentation:

93 % of teens (ages 12-17) are online

Internet Safety:

Internet Safety Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Parental controls

PowerPoint Presentation:

Become a net-savvy parent Chat with your kids Protect your computer Explore the Internet as a family Tips For Parents


1 in 3 teens and 1 in 6 preteens have been victims of cyber bullying Causes anxiety, depression, and suicide Cyber Bullying

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Refuse to pass along anything Block communication with cyber bullies Report cyber bullying Prevent Cyber bullying

Phishing Awareness:

The act of pretending to be someone or something else to gain personal information Phishing Awareness

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858,386 Verified phishes in one year

Teaching Netiquette:

Always give credit where credit is due Use emoticons sparingly Don’t use ALL CAPS Teaching Netiquette

PowerPoint Presentation:

Use smart judgment when online Don’t be a bystander to bullying- Act on it Have proper etiquette online


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