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Digital Storytelling:

By: Kelly Char Digital Storytelling

What is it?:

What is it? Computer-based story Like most traditional stories, digital stories usually have a specific topic and contains a point of view

What does it contain?:

What does it contain? Contains a mixture of: I mages Text Video clips Music Audio narration


About… Digital story can last anywhere between 2 minutes and 10 minutes Topics can be about personal stories, history, or basically any topic the author would like

Used in Schools Today:

Used in Schools Today Students can use digital storytelling to improve writing, show creativity, and to express themselves Can be used for various topics in the classroom History (tell a historic story) Science (document a science experiment) Math (explain a math problem) Language Arts (cliff note type of video) Art (art history) Personal tale

Different Ways To Use It:

Different Ways To Use It Digital storytelling can be uploaded to sites such as YouTube Apps for the IPad are also available for digital storytelling Storykit (free) Sonicpics ($2.99) Storyrobe ($0.99)


Downsides? Property issues may come up due to copyrighted images, music, or video clips Teachers may not be able to access the digit story due to storage space Technological issues may occur (for example the website may be down)

Who Can Make A Digital Story?:

Who Can Make A Digital Story? Anyone with access to: Computer Internet Digital story program Possible supplies needed: Camera Pictures Video clips Audio clips USB drive

Helpful Sources:

Helpful Sources / This source was very helpful in the description of digital storytelling, it also gives tutorials on how to create a digital story.



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