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“So Why Do we Need to Post on Blackboard, Exactly?”:

“So Why Do we Need to Post on Blackboard, Exactly?” Viewing Classroom Hybridization from Students’ Perspectives


Goals Understand students’ technological desires and needs Mediate between your goals and students’ goals in terms of hybridization

Main Online Forms at QC:

Main Online Forms at QC Two forms of blogs: Single class blog Individual student blogs Can password protect class documents Forum setup Private—only available to class Qwriting - Wordpress Blackboard


QWriting Blog format allows for greater customization to meet both your and students’ needs Great for longer, essay-like responses Can be public or private Wordpress app for phones allows students to post on the go It may be difficult to read many students’ responses every week, especially if they have individual blogs Pushing for interaction may be difficult “Flashiness” of blog may be distracting Pros Cons


Blackboard Privacy provides a “safe place” for students to voice their ideas Easy to upload docs and keep them private Forum set-up allows for better interaction between students Cannot post from most mobile devices Difficult to utilize to its fullest potential due to setup Pros Cons

Questions to Ask Yourself:

Questions to Ask Yourself What type of student engagement am I looking for? How often would I like my students to post? How dedicated am I to adding an online component to my class?

The Reality of Undergrad Life:

The Reality of Undergrad Life Course Load Students need options that are easily accessed and completed General Education Requirements Students need online components that are stimulating and invigorating Work and Extra-Curricular Activities Students need deadlines closer to class time, not days before

How we Address These Issues:

How we Address These Issues Deadlines Posting Requirements Balance of online goals and classroom goals


Conclusion Students—even brilliant ones—will always take the path of least resistance Communicate early and clearly what is required from students online—e.g. formal vs. informal posts If students do not accomplish your goals, think about what you could have done differently in terms of implementation


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