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STRIDE WITH PRIDE Pedometers and Physical Activity in the Classroom

Data Collection:

Data Collection Week 1- normal class activities Weeks 2-5- include more active class time Refer to provided resources Data collection cards Number of steps each day Eyes each day Reflection question each week Compile using Excel workbook (on USB)

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Pre and Post Survey:

Pre and Post Survey Student ID #’s Coding sheets (for your own use) Include on data collection cards, pre and post surveys Administer pre-survey prior to May 7 th Questions: Call Susan at (607)201-7984 Administer post-survey on June 8 th

Submitting Data:

Submitting Data Pre-survey Send to Kerri Bullock BT BOCES #11 by May 11th Excel Spreadsheet Send to Data Collection Cards and Post surveys WSKG will visit classrooms between June 11-22 to collect

Additional Information:

Additional Information Resources: USB drive Pedometer Power Questions: Contact Nancy Coddington Email: Phone: (607) 729-0100

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