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Welcome to 2N - Med Surg!!!

Background : 

Background What you need to know …

MedWest : 

MedWest MedWest provides a full spectrum of care for counties across WNC. The whole system includes 3 hospitals – Harris Regional, Haywood Regional, & Swain Medical. Each includes many doctors’ offices and clinics that are part of this system We are governed by a Board of Trustees, which is drawn from community leaders in each of the primary counties it serves.

Harris Regional : 

Harris Regional Dates back to 1925 when it was established on Courthouse Hill Was purchased by The Duke Endowment & Col. C.J. Harris and then donated to the community. 86-bed acute care facility Departments – MedSurg, ICU, Ortho, 3East (Women’s & Children’s), Mother-Baby, Labor & Delivery, ASU, OR, PACU.

About Us : 

About Us

2 North : Med-Surg : 

2 North : Med-Surg Wide range of patients Unit Manager - Christie Festa (2N, ICU, Ortho) Clinical Coordinator Charge Nurse Admission Nurse Registered Nurses Certified Nurses Assistants Secretaries Telemetry Technicians

Our Healthcare Team : 

Our Healthcare Team Doctors – Hospitalists – MD’s, NP’s Pulmonologists Cardiologists Orthopedists Surgeons EENT’s Pediatricians OB-GYN’s

Healthcare Team, Cont. : 

Healthcare Team, Cont. Discharge Planning Palliative Care PT, OT, ST Dieticians Environmental Services Maintenance IS Dietary

Intranet Intro : 

Intranet Intro

Intranet : 

Intranet Icon will say “Intranet”

This page includes… : 

This page includes… Swank Modules Phone Directory – contact all employees Cafeteria Menu & Hours MDsyncNET MSDS Policies & Procedures IS Support Desk BioMed …..any many more!!!!

Swank Modules : 

Swank Modules

Phone Directory : 

Phone Directory

MDsyncNET : 


iCare : 


Policies & Procedures : 

Policies & Procedures

Dress to Impress : 

Dress to Impress ID Badges – AT ALL TIMES! Above waist!!! Dress Code Clean & Neat No provocative or inappropriate clothing – we are professionals!!!! No capri’s or cropped pants Clothes must fit you, not you into the clothes! Shoes – no open-toed, closed heel, and clean!

Dress to Impress, cont. : 

Dress to Impress, cont. Jewelry – appropriate, not in the way No piercings other than ears (exc. for religious purp.) Makeup – tasteful Fragrances – Light! be courteous to our patients, please do not wear strong scented fragrances Tattoos – allowed if appropriate If it’s provocative, keep it hidden

Cell Phones : 

Cell Phones Use RESPECT for patients & coworkers Use them on your breaks or when away from patient care or business areas (i.e. breakrooms, bathrooms). Off or on vibrate when: Caring for patients In a meeting

Absenteeism : 

Absenteeism Be responsible & reliable  If you can’t be there – notify the charge nurse 2 hours prior to start of your shift No Call/No Show Policy – 1st occurence: Written Warning & 90 day Probationary Period If the 1st offense occurs within a 90-day probationary period = TERMINATION!! 2nd occurrence & No Probation = TERMINATION!!!

Chain of Command : 

Chain of Command

Computer Extras : 

Computer Extras

Webmail : 


Webmail : 

Webmail Be Professional! Access regularly – especially the days you are working! Not for personal, outside-of-work use Make sure to do your Webmail Module!

Internet : 

Internet You have it, but don’t abuse it Not for personal use – E-mail, Facebook, Chatting, etc.

Lexi-Comp : 


Shortcut Organizer : 

Shortcut Organizer

Shortcut Organizer : 

Shortcut Organizer Here you can add icons to your desktop Different tabs contain different icons If something isn’t showing up on your desktop, you probably need to select it from Shortcut Organizer You can add things like Webmail Lexicomp Microsoft Office

Core Measures : 

Core Measures Be aware …

Core Measures : 

Core Measures Care processes defined by JCAHO Some common core measures you will find are: Acute myocardial infarction Community-acquired pneumonia Congestive heart failure Stroke VTE

Codes : 

Codes What are they?

Rapid Response : 

Rapid Response Pt is in distress & might progress to a code situation Dial “4444”, “Rapid Response & Room #” Be available for anything needed Have crash cart available in case of Code Blue!

Code Blue : 

Code Blue Cardiac or Respiratory Arrest Pt status is declining…FAST!! Pull Blue switch behind bed Dial “4444” and say “Code Blue & Rm #” Make sure crash cart is at the Room!! Be available for whatever the team might need you to do – i.e. Compressions.

Remember… : 

Remember… The back of your badge has every code and what It means… Don’t Forget!

Other Code Situations… : 

Other Code Situations… Code Brown – Radiation Code Child – Infant/Child Abduction Code Delta – Disaster Code Gray – Severe Weather/Tornado Code Red – Fire….RACE Code Security – Security Emergency Code Yellow – Bomb Threat

And always… : 

And always… If you come across a code situation: DIAL 4444 First!!!!

How-To Guide : 

How-To Guide

Medication Variance : 

Medication Variance Medication Variance Forms

Incident Reports : 

Incident Reports Incident Reports

Fall Reports : 

Fall Reports Fall Reports

Paycheck Stubs : 

Paycheck Stubs Paycheck Stubs

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THE END!! : 

THE END!! Feel free to ask any questions!!!!!

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