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Find Interior, Architecture Designer and Residential Projects in Ahmedabad.


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Architecture in Ahmedabad | Architecture Firms in Ahmedabad | Interior Designer Service in Ahmedabad | Residential Projects in Ahmedabad | Architect in Ahmedabad KARTIK BIJLANI AND ASSOCIATES

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KBA Studio is an interdisciplinary firm that branches into the domains of Architecture Interior Design Landscape and Public Spaces and works collaboratively with clients consultants communities and end users to create buildings that work well on every level internally an d externally. Based in Ahmedabad and founded by Architect Kartik Bijlani in 2008 KBA specializes in architecture and interior designing of residential commercial and institutional buildings. It also provides innovative landscape designs as well as site specific installations and furniture de signs. The firm also undertakes designing of public spaces and master-planning exercises keeping in mind the socio-economic impact on the community and environment. The team at KBA Studio works on projects of all scales and with each project learns more about creating forms and spaces. We are cons tantly exploring new materials as well as new ways of using existing materials. The design process is also an interactive one in which clie nts are engaged and informed in making decisions at every stage hence the firm is dedicated to the deepest level of involvement in the design of its buildings so as to deliver projects that meet the highest possible standards of excellence. With a penchant for bold architecture KBA Studio has the vision and dedication to create truly unique contemporary and modern desig ns. ABOUT KARTIK BIJLANI ASSOCIATES

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Architecture in Ahmedabad Architecture Firms in Ahmedabad Architects in Ahmedabad It is not difficult to find architects in this online era we could find architecture services anywhere in whole India but if you are living in heritage city you may find delightful architecture service in Ahmedabad in the form of Kartik Bijlani Associates which stands on a different platform then other architecture firms in city. KBA Studio is based as an architect in Ahmedabad and owner of KBA Studio he says that KBA studio does not compromise quality for beauty At KBA we provide architectural designs keeping in mind the needs of our clients – both immediate and future. The buildings we produce come from a detailed understanding of the functions they must fulfill the conditions they have to provide and the materials from which they are constructed. This understanding is directly translated into form and detail. KARTIK BIJLANI ASSOCIATES

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Interior Designer in Ahmedabad Interior Designer Services in Ahmedabad Kartik Bijlani and Associates is well known as an interior designer which is rationale to design spaces for comf ortable living and efficient working. By analysis of functional requirement quality of space creative use of mat erials and seamless integration of technology we create experiential spaces that you feel rather than simply s ee. Designing a buildings interior architecture allows us to blur the lines between inside and outside by integrati ng the surrounding environment into interior spaces. We assign interior design services in Ahmedabad as well as outside of the place KBA is unbounded in working capabilities and we serve all from institutional to public buildings residences to office spaces. KARTIK BIJLANI ASSOCIATES

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Residential Projects in Ahmedabad Planning is more than just the placement of buildings it is also designing the spaces in between. It is essenti al that any planning responds to its existing environment. We are devoted for residential projects in Ahmeda bad in the combination of commercial buildings and others. Keeping all these things in mind KBA focuses on designing livable communities by providing master-planning exercises for residential/ commercial/ mixed-use architecture to ensure our designs are economically viable w hile being socially and environmentally responsive. KARTIK BIJLANI ASSOCIATES

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Reach Us 403 Landmark Building Opp. Seema Hall Near Titanium City Center 1 00ft. Anandnagar Road Satellite Ahmedabad Gujarat - 380015 079 - 26934494 KARTIK BIJLANI ASSOCIATES

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