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World War I

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*World wide scale war which deeply influenced all countries of the world. *Fought on land, in the air, on the sea & under the sea. *Fought not only by armies but by the whole peoples of the world. *Bought great disaster & sowed seeds of more discord for the future.

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MAIN CAUSES Militant Nationalism or competitive patriotism a. Seize of Alsace and Lorraine by Germany from France. b. Dream of revenge by France to take back lost provinces. Armament Race Intense nationalism led Europe into a concave of vast armed camps. Each country went on preparing for the war. III. The split of Europe into two armed camps Triple Alliance – Germany, Austria -Hungary, Italy & Turkey Triple Entente – Britain, France, Russia.

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V. Balkan Wars. Involvement of Major powers like Germany, Austria, Russia in the Balkan Countries. VI. No effective International Organization for preservation of Peace total anarchy in the international sphere. IV. The Colonial Rivalry Mad scramble among the European nations for new territories In Asia and Africa in the 19th century - imperialist ambitions.

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IMMEDIATE CAUSE SARAJEVO CRISIS 28th June 1914 Archduke Francis Ferdinand Crown Prince of Austria & his Wife were Assassinated at Sarajevo. Assassin was Gavrillo princep – 19 years old student from Serbia. Who belonged a secret society called the Black Hand. Serbia was Blamed by Austria. Black hand Symbol

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WORLD WAR I BEGINS * Austria declares war on Serbia on 26 July 1914. * Russia supported Serbia. * Germany declared war on Russia. * Great Brittan declared a war on Germany. * Italy left the Triple Alliance & joined the war against Germany.

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The Course of the War

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The Western Front * Germany entered France and reached Marne River. * Anglo – French army checked the German advance. * Germany launched a submarine Warfare. * Passenger Ship Lusitania was sunk on 6th April, 1917. * America declared war on Germany. The Eastern Front * Lay from the Baltic sea to the black sea. * Russia achieved some early success, but was short lived. *In November 1914, Germany secured the support of Turkey against her enemies in the war. *The British Army defeated the Turkish Army.

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Trenches Barbed wire was used extensively in the trench warfare of world war one. It was laid, several rows deep, by both sides to protect the front line trench. Wire breaks were placed at intervals to allow men access to no man's land. However attackers had to locate the wire breaks and many men lost their lives through becoming entangled in the wire and shot.

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PLANES Hot-air balloons were widely used in World War 1. Many were placed on the Western Front as observers because they were cheaper than planes. The development of fighter planes made it more dangerous to be in an air balloon. Balloon crew members were given parachutes. They were also given a powered wrench that helped them bring the balloon down quickly. BOMBER PLANES

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TANKS 1917: British tanks captured by the Germans being transported by rail 1917: a British tank destroyed by the Germans in the Western Front during WWI

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GUNS USED German Mauser British Lee-Enfield French Lebel French Berthier British artillery placements during the Battle of Jerusalem (1917)

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SHIPS German fleet surrendering to the English. First German U-boat near Tower Bridge. London, England, 1918. The British Grand Fleet A battleship squadron of the Hochseeflotte at sea

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