8 Reasons to redesign your website or Build new


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Still confused if your website needs a redesign or a new start?Let us audit your website for free and tell if you need a redesign


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8 Reasons to Redesign your Website or Build a New One:

8 Reasons to Redesign your Website or Build a New One By Kayra Infotech

New Designs and Features :

Every year we see new features and designs that improve the overall look and working of a website by reducing loading time and making it easier to navigate. It also gives you an edge over other websites. For the past few years, Google has increased preference for mobile responsive websites, so it’s important to make your website mobile responsiveness if you haven’t till now. New Designs and Features 2 KAYRA INFOTECH

Your Website is Getting Slow :

If your website takes a lot of time to load, your visitors may not be interested to stay on it and navigate. 45 percent of customers expect a site to load in 2.5 seconds or less, and 40 percent customers will leave the website if it takes longer than 3%. Since an average user has less attention span on the Internet, it is necessary that the website doesn’t slow down. Your Website is Getting Slow 3 KAYRA INFOTECH

Why is your site slowing down?:

1. Un-optimized Images and Content 2. Too many resources 3. Un-optimized CSS 4. Excessive render-blocking JavaScipt 5. Slow Server Response Time 6. Using too many plug-ins Why is your site slowing down? 4 KAYRA INFOTECH All these issues can be eliminated by fixing some design issues and back-end

Not SEO Friendly:

If your website is not properly optimized for search engines, then you might not be visible to the customers when they search for a requirement. If you haven’t done SEO for a while, your rank will slowly come down in SERP. There are a number of things you can do to improve your SEO, which includes some design or content changes. Not SEO Friendly 5 KAYRA INFOTECH

Your Conversion Rate Has Gone Down:

If your website has good SEO and ranks well but still doesn’t get good leads or those leads aren’t converting, you definitely require some change. High bounce rate or a lower number of page visits can affect the overall ranking on search pages and bring your website down. Your Conversion Rate Has Gone Down 6 KAYRA INFOTECH

Broken Links :

One of the most common reasons to update a website is broken links. Over time some links may stop working due to their pages being deleted or slugs changed for SEO purposes. These links still show up on the website but do not redirect anywhere. They can be misleading and waste the time of the users. Search engines like Google can also detect if a website has broken links and reduce its ranking because of that. Broken Links 7 KAYRA INFOTECH

Your Brand Has Evolved:

Over the years your brand has evolved from what it was in the past and your views have changed. Your product catalogue has increased, your logo has changed, you revamped your products according to industry standards. If your website doesn’t reflect the changes, then it could be misleading to the clients and they might not know about the current status of your company. Your Brand Has Evolved 8 KAYRA INFOTECH

Your Website Isn’t Secure:

If your website isn’t secure with an SSL certificate or HTTPS to encrypt information that you send between a browser and a web server, users might be hesitant to use it. Your Website Isn’t Secure 9 KAYRA INFOTECH

Your Content is Weak or Lacks Other Media:

Videos, PDF, images and other infographic get easily grab the attention of a user and keep them interested in a website. If your website has low-resolution images or outdated content, then the user will avoid engaging with it. Videos are a great way to express your message and customers love to watch them instead of reading a 500-word blog post. Your Content is Weak or Lacks Other Media 10 KAYRA INFOTECH

Your Website is Getting Slow :

Have you made up your mind about redesigning your website? Hold up, Let us do a Free audit of your website and discuss what you’re lacking in terms of design and development. We are Kayra Infotech, a Website Designing and Development Company in Delhi. With years of experience in working on websites of any popular platform such as html5, PHP, Drupal, Wordpress, Java etc. and Digital Marketing services such as SMO, SEO and PPC. Your Website is Getting Slow 11 KAYRA INFOTECH MAIL US YOUR WEBSITE LINK

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Visit: http://www.kayrainfotech.com Mail: support@kayrainfotech.com Call: +91-9718863849 Registered Office: C-92 Mohan Garden Uttam Nagar New Delhi 110059 Corporate Office: A-49, Mohan cooperatives industrial Estate, Delhi -110044 Mohan Estate Metro station Contact Us 12 KAYRA INFOTECH

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