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Chapter 10: Varieties of Sexual Scripts :

Chapter 10: Varieties of Sexual Scripts Designed by Karen Saucier Lundy to supplement the textbook Families in Context: Sociological Perspectives , by Gene H. Starbuck and Karen Saucier Lundy. For publication information about the text:

PowerPoint Presentation:

Sociological Theories of Human Sexuality Humans are always available, not tied to fertility periods. Functionalism: sex drive is natural force and society will always find ways to regulate in constructive ways. Conflict theory: Morality r/t power Symbolic interactionism/sexual scripts: we learn to be sexual,--who, what, where, when and why

Sexuality in teen years:

Sexuality in teen years

Procreation and functional theory:

Procreation and functional theory

My how things have changed…or have they?:

My how things have changed…or have they?

Is being sexual only for the young?:

Is being sexual only for the young?

Sex is a powerful force so society must ‘do something’ about sex DRIVE’.:

Sex is a powerful force so society must ‘do something’ about sex DRIVE’. Societal Scripts: Control-repression scripts The traditional Christian control-repression script: Antisex morality, sex for procreation only. Secular control-repression approaches: more powerful than religion repressive, related to health and capitalism, conserve energy and resources. Full-expression scripts: equality among sexes, natural expression good for society and for health, fewer sexual perversions in society. Mangaia Polynesia Intermediate scripts: in the middle, most common. Contemporary American values: premarital, extramarital and homosexuality values and changes.

Music, sex and cars….:

Music, sex and cars…. The king Hendrix

Sex American Style:

Sex American Style Sex in a Time of AIDS and STIs: the downside of full and intermediate sexual scripts More than half million Americans have died of AIDs (1981-2005) US infection rates by gender and other societies Gender Differences in Sexual Scripts: competing scripts The double standard: men need sex more than women belief, woman as ‘gatekeeper’, man as ‘entrepreneur’. Sexual images in pornography, romance novels as examples. Defining consent and rape: general vs. specific consent, husband exclusion, statutory, and acquaintance rape.

Is this rape or a misunderstanding?:

Is this rape or a misunderstanding? A young man and woman go to a movie, then return to her apartment, which is close to the theater. She has some joints, and they share one. They begin to make out, but before they get very far she says, “Stop—I’m really not ready for this.” He stops, and they share another joint. They begin making out again, and this time shed most of their clothes before she says “Stop.” He stops, and they have a beer. Then they start again, and this time she doesn’t say no so they go all the way. The next morning, she feels like she was taken advantage of.

Women and sexuality=romance:

Women and sexuality=romance

Sexualization: learning one’s sexual script through socialization:

Sexualization: learning one’s sexual script through socialization Learning Individual Scripts Premarital sexuality: increase in late 1960s, 70s, more permissive, more rapid change for women. Why? Initial sexual scenes Adolescent options: Virgins: inexperienced, adamant, potential nonvirgins. Non virgins : engaged , liberated , confused. Context of first intercourse: learning the ‘how’, where and under what conditions (the parents’ house: 33%!) Reactions to first intercourse: women more conflicted—theory of relative consequences. Impact of premarital sex on marital relationships: the greater number of sex partners prior to marriage, the more unstable the marriage.



Sexual scripts among teens:

Sexual scripts among teens

PowerPoint Presentation:

Hooking up In parent’s house

Teen sexual scripts:

Teen sexual scripts

Risks and context of teen sex:

Risks and context of teen sex Date rape Alcohol and sex

Contrasting scripts….:

Contrasting scripts….

Homosexual Scripts :

Homosexual Scripts Social construction of homosexuality: master status, term not used until 1892 in US, origin in Europe (Germany); masculine love American Psychiatric Association: mental illness until 1973 Homophobia and heterosexism How many gays and lesbians? Self definition The “why” of homosexuality: born or made Homosexual “whats”

Conflicted values about homosexuality:

Conflicted values about homosexuality

Homosexual teens:

Homosexual teens

Race and sexual scripts:

Race and sexual scripts IN FILM

Reproduction and gay sexuality:

Reproduction and gay sexuality

The business of sex:

The business of sex Constructing Marital Scripts The “who” of marital sex: spouse Open marriage, co marital sex The “when” of marital sex: the bracketed scene How often? The rituals of sexual scripts The “what” of marital sex: education and sexual scripts

One man’s ritual of married sex:

One man’s ritual of married sex “Well, I guess we do have some ways we talk about it without really talking about it. See, at bedtime, I usually take a shower and go to bed and read until my wife takes her shower. Then she comes to bed and we go to sleep. But if I want to have sex, I open my sock drawer and leave a sock hanging out. If she is willing, she leaves the sock out and we know what’s going to happen. But if she’s not interested, she puts the sock back in the drawer. Then we just say good night and go to sleep. I don’t really remember why we started doing that. I know it sounds silly, but it works.”

Sexual scripts in marriage:

Sexual scripts in marriage

Marriage Sexual Scripts:

Marriage Sexual Scripts Rituals The when

Media Depictions:

Media Depictions The Real Thing Kenny Loggins Daniel Elton John When We Make Love Faith Hill and Tim McGraw “Its Complicated” Film “In and Out” Film



Test yourself!:

Test yourself! A functionalist explanation of human sexuality would say A. Human sexual behavior is entirely regulated by biologically determined forces. B. A well-organized society will use sexuality to support the family-kinship system. C. Sexual moralities unnecessarily cause individual pain and difficulty. D. Sexual norms reflect psychological requirements. E. There is no innate, biological sexual force.

Test yourself!:

Test yourself! Control-repression scripts assume that A. Humans have no powerful, innate sex drive. B. The sex drive is powerful and beneficial to individuals and societies. C. The sex drive is powerful and naturally destructive to society. D. The sex drive is the same for men and women. E. A natural sex drive is present in humans, but it is weak and easily controlled.

Test yourself!:

Test yourself! The sexual double standard holds that A. Men have a more powerful sex drive than do women. B. Women play the "sexual entrepreneur" role. C. Men play the "moral gatekeeper" role. D. All of the above.

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