Maniks Desuperheater with exact temperature control

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Maniks has a wide range of desuperheaters as they provide precise refrigerant temperature control for various applications in boilers, chemical, oil & gas process plants etc.


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Desuperheater with exact temperature control. :

Desuperheater with exact temperature control. - Maniks


Introduction. What is Desuperheater ? Working of a Desuperheater Why Choose Maniks Desuperheater ? Uses of Desuperheater . Maniks

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What is Desuperheater ? Desuperheating is the procedure by which superheated steam is reestablished to its soaked state, or the superheat temperature is decreased. -Fundamentally there are two sorts of desuperheaters Indirect contact composes - The medium used to cool the superheated steam does not come into coordinate contact with it. A cooler fluid or gas might be utilized as the cooling medium, for instance, the encompassing air. Cases of this sort of Desuperheater are shell and tube warm exchangers. Maniks

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Working of a Desuperheater Water or a fluid utilized inside the Desuperheater comes in to contact with the superheated steam or warmth vitality and by engrossing the vitality from steam superheater fluid will vanishes and diminishes steam temperature. This basic method is utilized to limit the temperature of the steam. The outlet steam temperature is maintained by the amount of the water or superheated fluid that is dissipated. As indicated by the cooling fluid inside it Maniks composed two sorts of desuperheaters • Freon Desuperheater - SERIES HEF 33-XXX-22 • Ammonia Desuperheater - SERIES HEA 77-XXX-717 Maniks


Why Choose Maniks Desuperheater ? The Desuperheater created my Maniks is utilizes the smelling salts water as a super radiator fluid and its primary reason to intended to be utilized as a part of a refrigeration frameworks to keep up the temperature inside it. In the ordinary refrigeration cycle, a refrigerant gas, for ex: smelling salts, Freon is packed in a compressor, goes through a condenser where it radiates warmth and changes to a fluid state and after that is gone through a development valve to an evaporator curl to retain warmth and change the refrigerant back to a vaporous state for' recompressing in the compressor to finish the refrigeration cycle . Maniks

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Uses of Desuperheater . HOTELS and HOSPITALS: - Water for Bathing/Sterilizing/Kitchens/Laundries PHARMACEUTICAL and CHEMICAL: - Dehumidifiers/ Calorifiers /Autoclaves/Boiler Feed/Air Preheating/ Tablate Coating Machines DAIRY and FOOD PROCESSING: - Sterile Washing and Cleaning/Boiler Feed/Chocolate Tracing/Powder Drying/Dehumidifiers TEXTILE : - Dehumidifiers/Yarn Drying/Preheating/Boiler Feed ENGINEERING and AUTOMOBILE: Heater Feed/Degreasing/Washing and Cleaning/Paint Shop Processes . Maniks


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