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Exploring Through Technology : 

Exploring Through Technology Presented by: Kaulani Santos


MOODLE Moodle is an online classroom website, commonly used among teachers and students. Moodle presents the ability to post and submit assignments online, participate in group chats, find out what assignments are due within a particular week, and etc. Rate: 5/5


FIREFOX Firefox is a web browser similar to Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. As advertised, it provides Firefox users with fast service and a better web experience. Rate: 5/5


GOOGLE APPS Google Apps is a secure web-based application with many tools such as gmail, google talk, gmail calender, and etc. Rate: 5/5





WIX : 

WIX Wix is a free website builder and it makes Flash websites with an easy drag and drop online platform. I would give this tool a 3 out of 5 because there are some level of difficulty to understand the usage of Wix. With Wix you given free templates to choose from and you are instructed to make a website of your own using the template. Wix does not allow you to make a website from scratch and design it fully as your own. When using Wix I had a very difficult time using it to it's full potential because there was a lot of icons and options to choose and it was not fully explained how to use some of these icons without having to watch the tutorial. As you use Wix more and more I think it would be a good useful tool for students to use as a way to present ideas through making of a website. Teachers can assign a final project and use Wix as the main way to put their ideas and what they have learned throughout the year.



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