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LEADERSHIP IN NURSING Mrs.R.Vijayalakshmi, M.Sc(N) Principal, GCON,KURNOOL


Definition “Leadership is defined as the ability to influence others.” “Leadership is defined as the relationship in which one person influences others to work together willingly on related task to attain that level which he desires”. So i.e. “If there is no follower, no Leader”.

Portrait of a Leader :

Portrait of a Leader “If anything goes bad ‘I’ did it If anything goes semi bad then ‘we’ did it If anything goes really good then ‘you’ did it”. -Bear Bryan

Qualities of a Leader:

Qualities of a Leader 1. Honest, trust worthy, integrity. 2. Intelligent, Educated, Experienced. 3. Respectful, Respect the others. 4. Serve, Help the community. 5. Loving, compassionated, kind. 6. Strong moral values, ethical person. 7. Good person responsible. 8. Religious, spiritual, Person of faith.

Qualities of a Leader (Cont..):

Qualities of a Leader (Cont..) 9. Courageous, Tenacious. 10. Humble, Sincere. 11. Impartial, Fair 12. Strong leader, Assertive. 13. Skilled communicator. 14. Patriot, Loves country. 15. Hard working, Strong work ethic.

Qualities of a Leader (Cont..):

Qualities of a Leader (Cont..) 16. Good listener, Accessible. 17. Dedicated, Committed. 18. Charismatic, Visionary. 19. Goal orientated, Efficient 20. Commonsense, Wise, Good Judgement.

Characteristics of Effective Nurse Leader:

Characteristics of Effective Nurse Leader Assume Leadership of the group. Actively engage in planning the current and future work of the group. Provide direction to staff members the way the work is to be done.

Characteristics of Effective Nurse Leader (Cont..):

Characteristics of Effective Nurse Leader (Cont..) Monitor the work done by the staff members to maintain quality and productivity. Recognise and reward quality and Productivity Fast of the development of staff. Represent both administration & Leadership.


LEADERSHIP STYLES Autocratic Leadership Democratic Leadership Laissez Faire Leadership Bureaucratic Leadership

PowerPoint Presentation:

Degree of Authoritarian Democratic Laissez Faire Freedom Control Decision Making Activity Level Responsibility Output of the group Efficiency Little Freedom High Control By the Leader High Primarily the leader High quantity , Good Quantity Very Efficient Moderate Freedom Moderate Control Leader &group together High Shared Creative high quality Less efficient than Authoritarian Much Freedom No Control By the group/By no one Minimal Abdicated Variable may be poor quality. In efficient Comparison of Leadership stains:

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