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Website planning:

Website planning By Katie Reed


Planning… This was my hand drawn design of a plan that I did for the website homepage. The base image of the website home page is of the monsters hand and the boys hand reaching out for it. This image can be found on my magazine cover to, I used it for both as it proposes to the audience that a monster is in the film and the young hand which is shown on the base image is reaching out for the other hand, this is a teaser to our media product. The main title of our film being ‘ Fario ’ is shown in a bold, bright, green text so it stands out and contrasts from the background. On my real design which I will create using Wix , I will have a grey, darker background so the title stands out and there is a main colour (being grey) on each page of the website. The different links/ buttons on my webpage take you to different pages. By putting them down the side, they are easy to recognise and to click on to access different pages of the website.

Plan 2…:

Plan 2… I created an additional plan so I am able to make changes in my final website design. I have used quotes taken from an Icelandic book about the monster we got our inspiration from. The mythological creature the “ Skugga Baldur” is presented in the middle so it is easy to recognise. The brown background was created using a teabag to give it a weathered look. On my real website design I will add the social media bar and buttons so people are able to access other pages in addition to the homepage.

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