Music Development and Garageband Final Music

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Music Development and Garageband Final Music:

Music Development and Garageband Final Music By Katie Reed

Using Garageband:

Using Garageband Through developing my music I have used a software called Garageband, using this has enabled me to create different sound effects and a final piece for my film trailer. My music research Prezi shows the inspiration that I used from other existing media products and now, how I have adapted them to create my own music.

Music development- Soundtrack:

Music development- Soundtrack Overall, the soundtrack I created consisted of different layers containing different instruments and sounds. As the bass sound of my music I used the Deep electric piano which continued all the way through, through my development stage and final music stage. However from developing my music I have made minor changes, for example changing additional bass’. During my development stage I was using a bass sound called ‘Alternating Line Bass 1’, but when it come round to final decisions I decided to go for the other bass sound which can also be seen, called the ‘Afterburner Sub Bass 1’. These were some of the choices I had and from which I chose.

Final Music- Soundtrack:

Final Music- Soundtrack For my final music soundtrack I incorporated different sound effects to make the film trailer more effective and to create a sense of tension too. This meant I added the effect ‘Boomer FX’ at points in the trailer where I thought it would be effective, for example, an extreme close-up of the younger brother’s face to show the scared expression on his face. I also added to my final piece, the ‘Deep electric piano’ sound back along with the ‘Afterburner sub bass’ towards the end to create a more up-beat, tense sound. To end the soundtrack I stopped all of the different loops and continued the sound of the piano .

Different sounds- Contrapuntal Sound:

Different sounds- Contrapuntal Sound Using Garageband I created various different layers and sounds to create my final piece of music. One sound I created was high pitched using the electric keyboard as the instrument. This created a contrapuntal sound which contrasted from the footage in the trailer. I used this to create a spooky, thriller effect; like the genre of our film. The sound could be heard as a children’s toy box and therefore represents the younger Brother in our film trailer who has gone missing. With this in mind, it therefore contrasted with the footage- being a slow motion effect which we used on Premiere Pro as an additional video effect on a mysterious, mythological page in a book, which was used to create the identity of the monster. With this sound in mind, the audience may feel disorientated as to what is happening due to the contrasting footage and sound which can be seen. Along with the slow-motion clips there is also other shots which are seen of the older Brother in search of his younger Brother.

Additional sounds- Ambient Sound:

Additional sounds- Ambient Sound A typical convention used in existing media products is ambient sound and voiceovers to create the storyline. With this in mind, when we filmed our footage in one of our locations being London, I gathered different ambient sounds just in case we could add them in to make our trailer more effective. One shot that we used this in the trailer was a wide-shot of a train pulling in at an underground station and a long-shot of the older brother on the train as the voiceover from the lady on the train can be heard, “This train will be calling at…”. We kept the soundtrack of the music in the background however just lowered the noise, so the ambient sound was clear. Another ambient sound we created which was also another sound effect, was the scratching up against a wall to create a sinister, creepy sound. Disturbing noises is a typical convention used in real media products which are categorised in the thriller genre, this creates the tone of the film. We used this particular sound when a mid-shot of the younger brother is portrayed, he is looking around unaware of what is going on. So by adding a sound effect in the audience can understand the concept of the film and may gather that in the room with him is a frightening presence.

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