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VEGAN OIL-FREE KIMCHI PANCAKE Eating a Vegan Oil-Free Kimchi Pancake is a savory slightly spicy comfort food experience. My husband Paul ferments his own kimchi as well as sauerkraut brussel sprouts and other vegetables. In fact it is so good I can’t buy it at the store anymore because it can’t compare to his. We frequent a family owned Korean restaurant called ​Bibimbab ​ one of our best kept secrets. This authentic Korean restaurant serves the BEST vegan ethnically unique food I have ever eaten. Although they serve meat they have a diverse menu full of plant-based options. They will prepare your food without oil with brown rice or any way you want it.

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Bibimbab serves a kimchi pancake beyond wonderful. We order it as an appetizer every time. I always wanted to try making one at home but I wanted mine to be completely oil free. I struggled with how to make this dense pancake without any oil. My ​Copper Chef Pan worked as well as it has since I got it at Christmas. I was worried but it didn’t stick at all. Although you can use any vegan kimchi my husband’s kimchi is a blessing. Kimchi pancakes have very few ingredients so it is easy to make. It all depends on your pan. Check Vegan Kimchi Pancake Recipe. INGREDIENTS ● 1 cup drained and chopped small Vegan Kimchi DO NOT DISCARD KIMCHI JUICE ● 1 cloves minced Garlic ● 1/2 cup Rice Flour ● 3/4 cup Kimchi Juice/Fluid SAUCE ● 1/8 cup Tamari Liquid Aminos or Soy Sauce ● 2 Tablespoons Rice Vinegar ● 1 teaspoon Sriracha GARNISH ● 2 thinly sliced Green Onions INSTRUCTIONS KIMCHI ● Measure 1 cup of drained Kimchi. ● Reserve fluid so make sure to strain it. ● Place kimchi in a mini chopper or chop small by hand I used a food processor and pulsed until small.

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● Put chopped kimchi in a mixing bowl. PRE-HEAT NON-STICK PAN/MIX PANCAKE PREPARE BATTER ● Put chopped drained kimchi in a bowl. ● Add 1/2 cup rice flour and garlic to kimchi in the bowl. ● Pour 3/4 cup kimchi juice/fluid reserved into the bowl. ● Mix with a spoon. ● It will be thick. ● Pre-heat pan on medium high. ● It is important the pan is hot BEFORE you put the kimchi pancake batter in the pan. ● It should sizzle. COOK ● Pour batter into the medium high heated pan. ● Spread to make evenly distributed. ● Reduce heat to medium. ● Cook for 8-10 minutes on each side checking the pancake often with a spatula. TIP ● When it is time to flip the pancake I used a large round plastic plate. ● I flipped the pancake onto the plastic plate and then returned it to the pan on the opposite side. ● Cook the opposite side for 8-10 minutes until brown and cooked on both sides. SERVE ● Flip cooked pancake onto a flat surface I use a cutting board ● Using a pizza cutter cut it into equal sections. ● Garnish with green onions. ● Serve with sauce on the side. Source: ​

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