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Social Organization presents the discussion of marriage, family, and kinship to illustrate the extent to which these elements of social organization are present. Cases drawn from Philippine society, specifically from cultural groups are used to demonstrate and reinforce the concepts, theories, and views on social organization.

Marriage: : 

Marriage: Marriage defined as a “socially sanctioned sexual and economic union between men and women” (Howard & Hattis, 1992 : 450) Marriage is “a very valuable maturing experience, an opportunity for personal growth, and it serves to meet an important emotional need.” (Morgan, 1985 : 45)

Reason Why People Marry… : 

Reason Why People Marry… There have been a number of reasons why people marry. Human infants have prolonged period dependency. People get married to overcome the threat of sexual competition. People get married because they benefit from each other’s labor. Men marry because this is one way of gaining dominance over women.

The marriage Process : 

The marriage Process Howard and Hattis ( 1992- 255 ) look at the marriage as a process that consists of three parts: finding a potential spouse, securing the marriage, and maintaining it.. Choosing a spouse Meeting the terms

Securing the Marriage : 

Securing the Marriage Marriage is secured through the payment of bridewealth. It means the transfer of land, livestock, usually a carabao, jewelry, textile, as well as an agreed-upon amount of money, to bride’s parent. Bridewealth is perceived to be payment for the fertility of the woman, while dowry is the recognition of the virility of the men.

The Marriage Crermony : 

The Marriage Crermony

Residence After Marriage : 

Residence After Marriage

Form of Marriage : 

Form of Marriage

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