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Slide 2: Winalite which began last 2007 in China, follow the principle "Technology Creates Love". Its main product, love moon sanitary napkin is a result of technological studies to provide women just what they want. Winalite is a network marketing company that works for more than 3 years in markets.

Slide 3: Products  Winalite offer hygiene products and other personal needs for women. Mainly, they are endorsing the Love Moon sanitary napkin as the trademark of their company.

Slide 4: Love Moon - Anion Technology  Love moon sanitary napkins exceed over other competitors because of their anion padding. The company wants to impose the fact that if someone continues using this napkin lessens migraines, infections and even stress.

Slide 5: The Company  Founded by Mr ChenHuai De in January, 2007 in China, Winalite was well-known in a short span of two years because of its main product, Love Moon. The company has reached now on more than 500,000 distributors worldwide mainly in US, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Hongkong, etc.

Slide 6: The Business  From four entry levels namely, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond, distributors can choose among these. Income comes in commissions, sponsorship bonus, multiplier bonus and leadership matching bonus basis.

Slide 7: Problems of the Business  - The product brings big impact only on women.  - Too much publicity on anion products are now in market. Competing with others may be hard since they offer other benefits more on health.

Slide 8: Competitors Always and Stayfree marked already on market in terms of this product. It's now hard to drive attention and lure consumers to try another brand especially if they found good results of the product brands they usually used.

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