6 Best Pop Up Tent For Your Camping Trip


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Pop up tents are functional and save you a ton of time when looking at the setup. Read this article to find the best pop up tent for beach and backpacking.


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Pop up tents are not the most commonly bought tents for camping, but they are extremely functional and they will also save you a ton of time when looking at the setup. These tents are generally quite cheap and you should pick them up for a decent price . Pop up tent will be great for the children and they might even be great additions on your backpacking trips . Image credit: Amazon.com


Benefits of The Pop-Up Tent Image credit: Amazon.com T hey are really easy to set up and you will basically have a tent ready in a matter of seconds. These tents feature a spring-like mechanism that will ensure the tent simply jumps into place once you have released it from the bag or from the strap that’s holding everything together. They will have decent durability to go with this functionality as well. These tents are smaller when it comes to overall design and they are ideal for backpacking .


Key Features To Consider When Looking For The Best Pop Up Tent


Durability Durability definitely comes in at the top of our list and having good durability in any tent is fundamentally important. Since tents are generally expensive, you will want to have a tent that can withstand the onslaught of nature and ensure that you are adequately protected from the elements. Image credit: Amazon.com


Size and shape Pop up tents are generally available in either  2-man  or  4-man sizes  and this will depend on how many people will be going along on your trip. The larger the tent, the heavier it will also be to carry around. Image credit: Amazon.com I f you are a backpacker, you should consider looking for a pop-up tent that will be the right size for you and your partner.


Image credit: Amazon.com Anchorage The tie downs and stakes will be important as well, but they will depend on the area that you will camp at. If you have to go camping somewhere near sand or snow, you will generally need to look for more of these stakes and tie downs to ensure that your tent does not get swept away by the wind.


Image credit: Amazon.com Protection from the elements The pop-up tent should be protecting you during the day and at night. The materials used in the construction will play a huge part when it comes to determining the amount of protection. You should ensure that the tent can withstand UV rays and also the cold from snow , but of you choose to go cheaper, you could always add a tarp over it for even more protection.


Image credit: Amazon.com Packaging Packaging will be important if you are a backpacker, but as a minimalist camper, you will also want to pack as light as possible . In this situation, you will be looking at the overall weight and the dimensions of the packaging to ensure that you can get best out of you pop up tent when it comes to saving space and reducing weight.


Top 6 Best Pop Up Tents of 2017


1. Coleman Pop-Up Tent Image credit: Amazon.com The Coleman Pop-Up Tent is one of the smallest and most durable pop up tents that you could find on the market today. The materials are extremely durable and while this tent might not be fully leak proof, you will only have to fear a few minor drops when it is raining. The tent sets up in about  60 seconds  and sometimes less and one of the great things is that it can be folded up and compressed in about the same amount of time.


1. Coleman Pop-Up Tent Image credit: Amazon.com Pros: - Good durability - Really fast set up - Lightweight and portable - Wind resistant Cons: - Leaks a little bit - Loses set up speed after time


Image credit: Amazon.com 2 . FiveJoy Instant 4-Person Pop Up Dome Tent The tent is extremely durable and the seams have been reinforced. This tent also has been  PU coated  and this will ensure that you are protected from any UV rays that might potentially damage the tent. This tent sets up in a matter of seconds and will definitely amaze some of the people who are watching. It is great for multifunctional use and at night you will have additional loops where you can hang some of your lanterns as well as the other lighting features.


2 . FiveJoy Instant 4-Person Pop Up Dome Tent Image credit: Amazon.com Pros: - Very durable - Very fast setup - PU coated for added element protection - Multifunctional use Cons: - Quite expensive - Not for extreme backpacking or use in heavy rain


3. Pop Up Tent Beach Cabana Image credit: Amazon.com The Pop Up Tent Beach Cabana is more of a cabana than it actually is a tent. This cabana is great for those who would like to have that additional sleeping area on a camping trip that will give them some  great ventilation . This cabana sets up really fast and with the addition of the fiberglass poles, you should have no issue with stability . This cabana/tent also is ideal for the summer months.


Image credit: Amazon.com 3. Pop Up Tent Beach Cabana Pros: - Fully waterproof - Sets up in seconds - Great ventilation - Spacious for 3-4 people Cons: - Not the best for cold weather


Image credit: Amazon.com 4 . Instant Dome Tent for Camping Whilst featuring a dome design, this tent is one of the largest pop-up tents that you will find on our list. The tent easily pops up in 3 seconds . The tent also gives you some added protection with the addition of the rain fly and this will ensure that you have some multifunctional use . The rain fly can be detached and will be great for if you want something for the beach .


Image credit: Amazon.com 4 . Instant Dome Tent for Camping Pros: - Great durability and UV protection - Easy to set up - Very lightweight - Multifunctional use Cons: - Has some stability problems


Image credit: Amazon.com 5. Winterial 2 Person Instant POP UP Tent We have the Winterial 2 Person Instant POP UP Tent and this tent features an extremely unique design. The tent itself is quite large and will be cozy for 4 adults . It is also extremely durable and will ensure that you can resist all of the elements and keep you protected in the weather. This tent also included great ventilation will be ideal for 2 sleeping pads with more than enough extra room for luggage.


Image credit: Amazon.com 5. Winterial 2 Person Instant POP UP Tent Pros: - Great durability - Huge sizing - Easy to set up - Reasonably priced Cons: - Not easy to fold down and compress


6 . Survival Hax 2 Person Instant Pop Up Camping Tent Image credit: Amazon.com T he Survival Hax 2 Person Instant Pop Up Tent has been constructed with  190D Oxford materials  and will ensure that the elements cannot easily get inside or even cause problems when you are camping or backpacking. This tent also sets up in a matter of seconds and you will be amazed at how easily this process is. Just throw it in the air and it will open up automatically.


Image credit: Amazon.com 6 . Survival Hax 2 Person Instant Pop Up Camping Tent Pros: - Decent durability - Easy to set up and compress - Large internal size - Reasonably priced Cons: - Requires a few more anchors or stakes than included


Image credit: Amazon.com Final Thoughts Pop up tents are not widely used, but we hope that this slide has opened your eyes and showed you the differences between them and regular tents . In terms of recommendations for the best pop up tent, we will pick the  Coleman Pop Up Tent . This tent is much more durable and will be ideal for both backpacking and camping. You will also be able to buy the larger 4 person tent if you really need the additional space. FOR MORE DETAILS: http://hikertrack.com/best-pop-up-tent/

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