Understanding (and Effectively Teaching) the Digital Generation

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This is a presentation that discusses effectively teaching the very different learners of today--the Digital Generation.


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Understanding (and Effectively Teaching) the Digital Generation:

Understanding (and Effectively Teaching) the Digital Generation A Presentation by Kate Vosburg 1

The Dangers of Technology:

The Dangers of Technology Children aren’t Getting Enough: Time Outdoors Exercise Face-to-Face Interaction 2


Nostalgia… The world is not going back to the way it was, EVER. ACCEPT IT! EMBRACE IT! And MOVE FORWARD! 3

A (Huge) Gap in Understanding… :

A (Huge) Gap in Understanding… 4

Straddling the Great Divide:

Straddling the Great Divide Audiovisual and Interactive Experiences provided by technology is actually changing the make-up of children’s BRAINS! Students now THINK, COMMUNICATE, and INTERACT with information differently. Brain Changes 5

Exploring Compromises that Benefit Both Teachers and Students :

Exploring Compromises that Benefit Both Teachers and Students Following 6 tensions taken from: Understanding the Digital Generation by Ian Jukes, Ted McCain, and Lee Crockett Compromises Based on: Technologies introduced in the NMC Horizon Report My own thoughts and examples 6

PowerPoint Presentation:

V. Receiving Information Quickly from Multiple M ultimedia Sources Slow and Controlled R elease of Information from Limited S ources Letters Podcasts Video Music Books Film Images 7

PowerPoint Presentation:

V. Processing Pictures, Sounds, Color, and Video Before Text Providing Text Before Pictures, Sounds, Color, and Video “Goats in trees? Don’t believe you, said my friend John! And why would he. They don’t have opposable thumbs, they’re not named tree-goats. Nevertheless as I rounded the corner on a bus trip in southern Morocco , that’s the sight that greeted me. A veritable flock of goats swaying in the breeze on a small tree. Not down on the lower limbs either – way up on spindly little branches…” Readmore : http://www.lonelyplanet.com/blog/2009/10/23/goats-in-trees/#ixzz26GsSk8tL 8

PowerPoint Presentation:

V. To Network Simultaneously with Many Others Students to Work Independently Before They Network and Interact 9

PowerPoint Presentation:

V. Learning “Just in Time” Teaching “Just in Case” 10

PowerPoint Presentation:

V. Instant Gratification with Immediate and Deferred Rewards Deferred Gratification and Delayed Rewards Game Based Learning Building Toward Long-Term Goals + = Model: Choices Positive Reinforcement 11

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V. Learning that is Relevant, Active, Instantly Useful, and Fun Teaching Memorization in Preparation for Standardized Tests I want my lessons to be relevant to the students I want my students to be active participants in my lesson I want the information and skills that they learn to be useful to my students right now I want my students to have fun and be engaged I want my students to excel on standardized exams A Good Teacher’s Checklist: 12

If We Follow This Model We Can Meet with Success:

If We Follow This Model We Can Meet with Success “If learners can connect the course material with their own lives and their surrounding communities, then they will become more excited to learn and immerse themselves in the subject matter.” – NMC Horizon Report “Students are more engaged in the material, and teachers have noticed an improvement in student performance and attitude” – NMC Horizon Report 13

Still Unconvinced?:

Still Unconvinced? Skills Required: ~Memorization ~Recall ~Single-Task Focus Skills Required: ~Creativity ~Ingenuity ~Technological Capabilities 14

It’s just the Beginning… of a new model of learning!:

It’s just the Beginning… of a new model of learning! Sources Jukes, Ian, Ted McCain, & Lee Crockett. Understanding the Digital Generation. 2010. Print. Johnson, L., Adams, S., and Cummins, M. (2012). NMC Horizon Report: 2012 K-12 Edition . Austin, Texas: The New Media Consortium. It’s not the end… 15

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