4 Weeks Fat Loss Diet For Men Regime

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4 Weeks Fat Loss Diet For Men Regime

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Introduction Fat increase weight. It doesn’t matter what age group you are but with the age unnecessary fat in your body might be the cause of many problems. Rapid weight gain due to fat is not the only problem with women but its also very common in men nowadays. We are not going to tell you to totally starve yourself and go on a very high-level fat loss diet regime or even tell you just to eat herbs grass and water for sure. This healthy home remedy is just a 4 weeks fat loss diet regime especially for men can be followed tips easily and it certainly going to help you lose weight. Losing fat is not as tough as you think but you just need to have a proper diet and some daily workout to help you lose excess and unwanted fat from your body.

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Reason’s Most of the people never actually calculate the amount of calories they consume every day. Anything above 2000 calories per day can cause fat that is hard to get rid of. Moreover people do not know that even by taking non-vegetarian food you can still be free from fat but remember to take it in limited or measured quantities. So if you are looking for how to lose weight in just 4 weeks you should read out the home remedies for health plan

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Monday Diet Plan A glass of milk with some oats along with an apple or banana for breakfast lunch will be a piece of grilled chicken with three slices of brown bread if you want a snack in the evening then you can go for a small crown cake fnally dinner 100 gram fsh tuna with rice and vegetable stew.

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Tuesday Diet Plan A piece of plain cake with a glass of milk 300ml along with a banana for lunch you can take a grilled fsh sandwich along with salad evening time go for 120 gram yoghurt dinner is a time to treat yourself with rice and chicken stew.

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Wednesday Diet Plan Start with a good fruit salad and half cup of skimmed milk 250ml your lunch will be chicken sandwich with wafers about 10 grams evening snack can be a banana dinner will be the vegetable stew with 1 cup rice.

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Thursday Diet Plan Bread and boiled egg whites for breakfast with apple juice for lunch try to have a good fruit salad and some yoghurt for the snack you can have brazil nuts today fnally dinner tuna salad with some potatoes and just 50 gram rice.

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Friday Diet Plan For the whole day follow Monday’s schedule but for dinner have chicken grilled kebabs 3 pieces along with 100 gram rice and end the day with some light juice or yoghurt.

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Saturday Diet Plan Finally today you can have cheese omelette for breakfast then for lunch go for 90 grams sardines and two pieces of brown bread for snack eat carrot or cucumber then dinner green salad with salmon and rice.

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Sunday Diet Plan You can have a fruit bar with 2 egg whites and bread lunch will be 1 apple with grilled chicken sandwich with grape juice evening snack you can have watermelon juice dinner will be grilled steak with potato and spinach and green salad.

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How does this regime help This fat loss diet for men is very simple follow. We have suggested the the diet plan so you only consume around 1800-1950 calories per day that cuts out 3000 calories out of your daily routine. Just following this healthy home remedies will not be enough you also need to exercise everyday for at least 45 minutes and a good 30 minute brisk walk will be also very good. Do remember to drink lots of water and sleep on time as well as late night sleeps harmful.

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