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http://www.examsleader.com/400-351-exam.html Which two statement about local profiling on a Cisco WLC running AireOS are true Choose two A. Profiling is performed on IPV4 and IPV6 client. B. When local profiling is enabled RADIUS profiling is allowed. C. Wired clients behind the workgroup bridge are profiled and a policy action is taken D. Profiling is performed only on IPV4 clients. E. Wired clients behind the workgroup bridge are not profiled and no policy action is taken.

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http://www.examsleader.com/400-351-exam.html Which two impact dose TSPEC admission control have as it relates to 802.11e clients choose two A. Enforce airtime entitlement for wireless voice applications. B. Ensure that call quality dose not degrade for existing VoWLAN calls. C. Deny client access to the WLAN that do not meet the standard. D. Allow access only for VoWLAN traffic when interference is detected.

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http://www.examsleader.com/400-351-exam.html You have added your active directory server to the cisco ISE and see the status as operational. However when you try to add active directory groups to your authorization policy conditions in the Cisco ISE no active Directory groups appear what is the most likely reason A. The credentials used to join the Cisco ISE to active directory do not have succulent privileges to query active directory. B. You did not add any attribute in the Active Directory join point under the External identify source C. You did not add any groups in the Active Directory join potent under the External identity source D. A firewall is blocking tcp port 389 between the cisco ISE and active directory

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http://www.examsleader.com/400-351-exam.html which two types of interface events are common for cleanAirchoose two A. Microwave interference B. Co-channel interference C. Spontaneous interference D. Persistent mterference

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http://www.examsleader.com/400-351-exam.html Flex connect APs have already deployed in a branch office for local switching. Currently the WLAN in the large auditorium is proposed to change to high- density design and thus some low data rates are proposed to be disabled while keeping the data rates in other areas under the same Cisco WLC. Which configuration settings must be modified in the Cisco WLC to achieve this configuration choose two A. Flex connect groupS B. Mobility groups C. AP Groups D. RF profiles

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http://www.examsleader.com/400-351-exam.html Which two AP join process are supported by the cisco 5760 WLC choose Two A. Layer 2 CAPWAP discovery B. Remotely stored controller IP address discovery C. DNS discovery D. Layer 3 CAPWAP discovery

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http://www.examsleader.com/400-351-exam.html You are deploying cisco 792x wireless phones on your on your Cisco unified wireless network . Which two configuration setting are recommended A. Enable PSPF B. Enable DTPC C. Enable WMM D. Enable PMF

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http://www.examsleader.com/400-351-exam.html Which option is the common primary use case for tools such as Puppet. Chef. Ansible and Salt A. network function visualization B. policy assurance C. Configuration management. D. network orchestration.

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