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based on the story by Nick Bland

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Reader’s Theater Putting on a short play based on a story where students read from a script is what Reader’s Theater is all about. The purpose of Reader’s Theater is to practice reading fluency and to have fun True Reader’s Theater uses no costumes or props and focuses on fluency and expression to entertain. But adding costumes and props is a fun touch You can find many pre-made scripts out there or you can create your own. I prefer to create my own so I can tailor the language to my student’s reading abilities. It’s also a fun guided writing activity to write a script as a class. Putting on a Reader’s Theater play requires preparation practice and performance. Here’s how we do all 3 in my classroom: preparation 1. Find or write a script. Highlight ahead of time the lines for each character on each script. 2. Read the selected book to your students. 3. Show the script to students so they get a sense of how long the play will be. Using an overhead document camera or SmartBoard. 4. Assign or choose roles for students. 5. Students highlight their lines in their scripts if they’re older. practice 1. Teacher reads the entire play to show how to use expression when reading. Students follow along. 2. Teacher reads the entire play again but this time the characters read along. 3. Same characters meet to rehearse lines together working on expression and possibly gestures. 4. Each play usually 3 so all kids are included meets to rehearse for the big performance. performance 1. One play at a time performs for the rest of the class. -Remind actors that they need to: read loud enough keep their script down not in front of their face and change their voices expression to make the play interesting. - Remind the audience that they need to: stay seated on their bottoms pay attention with eyes and ears and clap at the end. 2. At the end of each play debrief with the audience. -Using thumbs up to the side and down: How did the actors do with reading loud enough Keeping their scripts down Changing their voices - “What did you like about the play/What did the actors do a good job of” - “Is there anyway they could make the play better” From start to finish this process can take as long as you’d like. You can split it up over a few days in the place of Guided Reading for example or complete it in an hour. It just depends on your needs style and time available. Reader’s Theater is so fun and really brings the best out of kids This is also a great thing to invite parents to so they can watch their kid’s reading in action. 

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Name _____________________ Character: ______________________ The Very Cranky Bear Narrator 1 Narrator 2 Bear Sheep Lion Zebra Moose Narrator 1: In a big green jungle on a cold and rainy day. Narrator 2: Four furry friends found the perfect place to play. Moose: Wow it’s raining cats and dogs out there My big beautiful antlers got all wet. Lion: I’m not sure what you saw falling from the sky but I saw big fat raindrops-that’s for sure My golden mane is soaking wet. Zebra: I have never seen it rain this much. I’m surprised my awesome stripes didn’t wash right off me. Narrator 1: Moose had antlers and Lion had a mane Narrator 2: Zebra had awesome stripes and sheep… Well sheep was just Sheep: plain. I don’t have big fancy features like my friends. I’m just plain. They call me Jane. Plain Jane. Moose: Let’s play cards in this nice warm cave. Lion: Can we play Go Fish Narrator 1: None of them noticed that someone else was there. Narrator 2: Sleeping in that cave was a very cranky Moose Lion Zebra Sheep: BEAR

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 Bear: Roar ROAR ROAR Narrator 1: He showed his teeth and roared again. Narrator 2: And scared them out of his nice warm den. Bear: So in the big green jungle on that cold and rainy day those four bothersome animals had nowhere warm to play. Zebra: Wait a minute Maybe if we cheered that grumpy old bear up he’d let us back in the cave. Sheep: He looked pretty tired to me. Zebra: I know that if I didn’t have my stripes I’d be cranky too. That bear needs some stripes Sheep: I think he needs a nap. Moose: Stripes are silly. What Mr. Crankypants needs are some antlers. My antlers always cheer me up and make me happy. Sheep: You guys know that bears sleep all winter right Lion: No no no no no. Stripes are silly and antlers are boring. A beautiful golden mane like mine is what Mr. Grumpybottom needs. Sheep: It’s October. That means the bear wants to go to sleep for the winter. Zebra: Sheep what are you babbling about Sheep: Never mind. This should be interesting.

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 Narrator 1: So Zebra fetched some mud and lion some grass of gold. Narrator 2: And Moose got two big branches and…well…sheep just got cold. Sheep: They have no idea what they’re getting into. Moose: Yoo hoo grumpy old bear Zebra: Hellooooooooo Mr. Crankypants Lion: Bonjour Mr. Grumpybottom Narrator 1: Sheep was getting worried. Sheep: Maybe they’ve been eaten Narrator 2: But then from the cave came a very cranky Bear: ROAR Narrator 1: The animals ran out and the bear was right behind them. Narrator 2: They hid behind the bushes where they hoped he wouldn’t find them. Bear: Look at me I look ridiculous I’m a bear not a moozebrion Sheep: I think he just made that word up. Bear: Yes I did All I really want is a quiet place to sleep Sheep: That’s what I thought. Bear: You knew Why didn’t you tell your friends

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 Sheep: I tried but they wouldn’t listen to me. Wait right here I have an idea. Narrator 1: So she found a pair of clippers and clipped off half her wool. Narrator 2: She stuffed it in a cotton bag until the bag was full. Narrator 1: She tip-toed back inside the cave. Moose: That sheep is really very brave. Zebra: Oh now I know what she was babbling about Lion: What Zebra: The bear is tired because he’s going to hibernate for the winter Moose: Why didn’t she just tell us that Narrator 1: Back inside the bear’s cave the sheep bravely said Sheep: Here you go Mr. Bear a comfy pillow for your head. Bear: Well thank you very much that’s exactly what I need. You can all stay and play if you will just read. Narrator 2: So Moose Zebra Lion and Sheep Narrator 1: Read the bear a bedtime story so he could fall asleep. Moose Zebra Lion Sheep: The End. Bear: snoring Zzzzzzzzzzz.

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