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Does your WordPress website have login pages? Then you need to ensure your logins are safeguarded! Read the following tips for WordPress Development Experts


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How to Safeguard your WordPress Website Log In?:

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WordPress websites  are vulnerable to hackers because of its massive online presence. It is really easy to build a website with WordPress and so more websites are now based on wordpress . This is the reason, that it becomes easier for hackers to hack or breach your security. And if you are not secured enough, you may be a victim of a security breach.

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Here, one must realize that your user’s data is at stake and so is your image. In order to safeguard yourself, as a  WordPress website owner,  you must first  secure  your WordPress Log In. For this reason, I am writing this article to suggest you ways to safeguard your WordPress Log In. You may have a strategy to secure your website but if you don’t have one. Then I suggest including these pointers in your strategy. The idea is to not have one way to secure your website login but to ensure that you have multiple ways and strategies to keep your WordPress Log In safe.

1. Install WordPress in its Own Directory:

1. Install WordPress in its Own Directory

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2. Hide Log In Page URL and Redirect WP Login.PHP

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3. Try WordPress Hide PlugIn

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4. Use WordPress Security Enhancer

1. Install WordPress in its Own Directory:

1. Install WordPress in its Own Directory This step to secure your WordPress website will undoubtedly avails your users with highly secure log ins. Choose WordPress subdirectory to your WordPress site. This can be done for a new website or can be run for an existing website. But, if you are moving an existing WordPress installation, then you need to create a backup someplace else. Avoid using subdirectories that are easy to figure or that are common. For instance: / wordpress or / wp . These are again very easy to hack. Because they are predictable. Use a subdirectory that suits you and your business type but make sure it is unique and not predictable.

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It is always good to redirect users to login through WP login.php. This makes the logging in procedure more secure and your users are protected. Also, many wordpress sites by default loads the login page and when you access the WP login.php but here type wordpress admin instead and then you are redirected to the login.php page. Just remember even when you are done hiding the Log In page with the login.php URL, you are still vulnerable if you have not selected a unique subdirectory. 2. Hide Log In Page URL and Redirect WP Login.PHP

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To make this even more harder, lock down access to wp-login.php and then arrange a redirect to 404 page or any other page which is not your login page. Further, replace it with a custom login URL which is not easy to guess or generic like admin or WP. May be you could use a plugin to lock down the wp-login.php and the set up a custom login URL. There are many such plugins available for WordPress Development.

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3. Try WordPress Hide PlugIn This plugin avails with the most secured login and helps you in hiding your login URL. It creates a custom URL instead of the standard WordPress Login Install. And once it is installed, / wp -admin and /wp-login.php are replaced with the new custom URL. This URL can be of your choice. And then again, you need to make sure that it is unique. Among the other plugins , this plugin has more than 50,000 active installations. WPS Hide Login is the lightest plugin .

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4. Use WordPress Security Enhancer The plugin was specially designed to improve WordPress security. It is much popular among WordPress Development Experts. This is the reason that more developers recommend integrating this plugin to enhance the wordpress website security. Originally Published on

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