5 Mistakes to Avoid While Development with Ext JS


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Ext JS is a very easy framework for web app development but still there are few mistakes that we all tend to make! Here are a few that you must avoid.


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5 Mistakes to Avoid While Development with Ext JS

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When we are learning a new topic, we are at the stage of experimenting with development techniques and methodologies. And you continue until you get comfortable with the comprehension of the topic. Here, for developers to get comfortable developing in ExtJS , I have something to share. After my experiments with various methods, there are a few things that I learnt to avoid and now I am extremely comfortable to develop in Ext JS open source framework and I am enjoying the process!

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Ext JS offers very rich features for development of UI applications. Many developers and programmers are using Ext JS for development for single page applications . Ext Js was indeed specifically designed for single page application development .

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1. Use Namespaces It is about organization. Utilize the inbuilt namespace capabilities of Ext JS to organize your components and classes so it’s easy to navigate later. When you need to have various outsourcing opportunities, there is a need to recognize the needs of recreating the most amazing bites of life and entertainment. I am sure the Ext JS web development experts  will agree with me!

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2. Careful handling Spaghetti Code While development in Ext JS, you need to more careful about defining your components. It is not necessary to define all components in inline. It will be a problem to debug later and your scope will be over the place. Try and split each component definition and then create own files to extend the base class. Add configuration and extra methods and behaviors to your code. If you execute a loosely coupled code, you will be able to simplify your code base where later in the development process; you will not suffer from a untidy code base. Also, this helps in optimizing your code.

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3 . Avoid Over –Nesting Panels Ext Js framework panels are easy and a beginner Ext JS developer might land up overnesting of panels. So I recommend creating plan and structure for the components of the FormPanels , GridPanels and TabPanels and all the extended panel classes. Also, here you don’t need to be covered in another panel. You can place them wherever the generic panels are placed. Have a word with software application specialist to understand in details about this aspect.

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4 . Re-usage of Code When you think of reusing the code, each time you might have to change and write it again. So avoid repetition of the code. Remind yourself of elements like loading, response or error handling, code etc, and then you will understand that it won’t make sense to reuse the code for masking elements. Avoid making this mistake and save the effort!

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5 . Follow ‘Open Documents’ Mantra While developing in Ext JS, make sure you always have your docs open. The API documentation will work wonders for you but it is important that you analyze the possibilities if you are just trying Ext JS development. I recommend using Intellisense for Ext Js but still have the docs open will come handy at all times. They are well structure and provide easy navigation.

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Ext JS is Improving! With every upgrade in Ext JS, the development process has gone even beyond browser. And the Ext JS community is working towards making this open source framework better and convenient to use for software application specialist and web development experts. The technology industry pioneers foresee this framework as one of the emerging framework for web application development. Also , more programmers are selecting this framework for further learning or their path for the future prospects. Originally Published on http://goo.gl/qhPq1x

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