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The Latest Trends in WordPress Development – Recommended by WP  Developers Wordpress Development

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Following the trends blindly can get you nothing but something very similar to what already exists. Moreover , more than 70% website are now powered by WordPress where free templates or extensions are giving very easy  development processes  making websites appear very similar to each other.

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To stand out from the crowd or rather be unique, you might want to listen to the opinions of the  WordPress Development Experts . Also , there is a need to look into a variety of  WordPress Development ways for various reasons.

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WordPress Development Trends 2016 Motion Backgrounds & Interactive Graphics Responsive Website Design Infographics Material Design Ghost Buttons

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1. Motion Backgrounds & Interactive Graphics The  graphic design trends for web design are evolving and so are the development practices for the same. In fact, because open source technologies are exploring new heights, it is easier to visualize designs with the desired functionalities. Due to which, the latest trends i.e. motion backgrounds that are making some very interesting and interactive websites.

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2. Responsive Website Design More than a trend, I would say that it has become a necessity for WordPress development or for that matter development with any open source framework that have evolved for the purpose of improving user experiences. And for this reason,  responsive website design  is important. Not only for the user experience but because more users are moving towards browsing on their mobile phones .

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3. Infographics Much has changed and long content is being preferred less. With the fast moving world, people don’t really have the time to read or let’s just say people are lazy to read. So you understand the growing importance of  Infographics . Also , Infographics act like a self explanatory element. They look nice, if designed well. They also act like a good driving force for conversion. However, this trend is slowly being taken over by videos but still the cost of production is one factor that still holds many from having videos. This is where infographics prove to be a useful trend doing the needful for your website.

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4. Material Design Just yesterday, in a conversation with another  WordPress developer, I came to a realization that flat designs which are a part of material designs are also kind of dead and done. Most of the websites that we see today have flat design. Of course they are beautiful website but then they land up looking like the same. It is like finding your car in the parking lot. So I suggest you must try the other aspects of Material design with the blend of realism.

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Also, full background images give much impact where you can add few material design elements to make it trendy and appealing. Flat designs are indeed very website friendly graphics but only if they being created with strategic understanding of  WordPress Development  advantages. Material designs are great for WordPress development from my personal experience but I always leave a bit of something else that makes it stand out from the rest. They offer simplistic yet very interactive design for websites.

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5. Ghost Buttons When you talk about  WordPress websites, Ghost Buttons have undoubtedly been the news of the decade. These buttons I love and I am sure my fellow WordPress developers will agree to it. Getting to the point, there usability offers great user experiences, they are very appealing and the biggest advantage that you can change hover states without having to change colors.

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If you are creating a Content Management System, then storytelling is proving to be one of those trends that are fitting the ways of  WordPress development. More  website development experts are subscribing to this strategy of storytelling. As such content management systems can get very boring, so to break the stereotype, I recommend selecting a theme, creating a storyboard or having quirky content that will do the talking for you.

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For more in WordPress development of  web design trends , keep following me. I will give you the latest and most the happening news in  WordPress  and other open source technologies for free.  All the best for your development processes! Originally Published on https://goo.gl/cMErqc

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