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Operating system:

Operating system Submitted by Nishchey Maithani Computer science

Introduction To Operating System:

Introduction To Operating System An operating system is the first software which is installed in a computer. It supports other program, software and applications which are installed after it . It manages all the basic functioning of a computer.

1.1 General Definition:

1.1 General Definition The OS manages these resources and allocates them to specific programs and users. With the management of the OS, a programmer is rid of difficult hardware considerations. An OS provides services for Processor Management Memory Management File Management Device Management Concurrency Control

1.1 General Definition:

1.1 General Definition Another aspect for the usage of OS is that; it is used as a predefined library for hardware-software interaction. This is why, system programs apply to the installed OS since they cannot reach hardware directly. Application Programs System Programs Operating System Machine Language HARDWARE

Types of Operating System:

Types of Operating System Windows Linux Unix Mac

Introduction To Windows OS:

Introduction To Windows OS Microsoft windows is a GUI based operating system that adheres to the features of a good GUI. apart from this multitasking is also a good feature of windows os . It has two parts kernal for interacting with hardware. Shell for interacting with user.

Structure of windows:

Structure of windows

Introduction To Directory Structure:

Introduction To Directory Structure In an office , the file cabinet is divided into shelves shelves into boxes And boxes into drawers Similar type of are grouped and kept in the same drawer or box.In the same way, files on disks are stored . The disk is divided into subdirectories . Each subdirectory can further be divided into subdirectory and so on.

Structure of a Cabinet file:

Structure of a Cabinet file

Main features of windows:

Main features of windows

Use of icons :

Use of icons

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