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Lead generation steps and Generate lead through website,forums,Facebook,LinkedIn,Blog


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Lead Generation Steps:

Lead Generation Steps Generating leads is an important part of the sales process. Marketers should be able to collect leads through a variety of methods. Online Lead Generation Offline Lead Generation


ONLINE LEAD GENERATION Create a Web site that can capture leads Your Web site should be easy to navigate and have information about your company and its products or services. Capture customer information through a form that asks them questions about their needs. Promote your business on news sites Use news sites to spread out press releases concerning your business. Writing a press release is easier than what it may seem. Talk about something newsworthy happening in your business, be it a new director or your presence to a trade show. Select the news sites which allow you to put a link back to your website.

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Use a tell-a-friend script With a bit of code on your Web site, visitors can easily let their friends know about your company. They'll enter the email addresses of their friends, who will receive an email about your site. Promote your business on social networking sites These sites are where people go to connect with others. You can create a page on these sites to promote your business. When a customer "friends" you or "becomes a fan," all of the people in their network can learn about your company.


OFFLINE LEAD GENERATION Promote your company at trade shows Set up a booth at industry-related trade shows. People can get a more hands-on understanding of your business. You can capture leads by asking those that are interested to fill out a post card or write their information on a list. Generate leads through local advertising You can place ads in your local newspapers, radio stations or billboards. These ads should direct people to either call or visit your Web site. You can usually get more leads if you offer a discount or special offer when someone mentions the ads

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Use direct mail to entice customers Direct mail still works for a variety of businesses. You can purchase a mailing list that fits certain specifications, such as neighborhood or income level, and send your mailing to these people. Be sure to target demographics that fit with your product. The more targeted your mailing is, the greater response you will receive.

Generate Leads through LinkedIn:

Generate Leads through LinkedIn Start With Your Immediate Network Upgrade Your Account Use InMail Get the Most Out of LinkedIn Groups Take the Conversation Further

Generate Leads through Website:

Generate Leads through Website Include a Contact Number Post Forms on Every Page Add Photos and Testimonials For Greater Credibility Make Your Videos Speak to the User Use Power Words When Describing Your Offer Avoid “Cookie-Cutter” Site Templates Make Good Use of Whitespace

Generate Leads through Blog:

Generate Leads through Blog Place Opt-In Forms Around Your Blog Content Don’t Talk About Yourself Produce Interesting Content Incentivize Sharing With a Referral Program Publish Frequently Track Your Leads

Generate Leads through Facebook:

Generate Leads through Facebook Share links to content on your Page's wall. Include call-to-action (CTA) buttons and text Expand your reach Add the Facebook Like plugin & share buttons to content Make it difficult NOT to convert

Generate Leads through Forums:

Generate Leads through Forums Answer questions Comment on other answers Look for questions on related topics Visit forums routinely

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