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Information Technology Enable Services : 

Information Technology Enable Services BY KARTHIK VZSS10120001

Flow of presentation : 

Flow of presentation What is ITES? Challenges in ITES Business. Interaction services. Scope of ITES. Which countries are involved in ITES? Which companies are doing IT & ITES business? What is the grout of IT-ITES? Case study for ITES grout.

What is ITES? : 

What is ITES? Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) is a large, fast-growing worldwide industry fueled by customers seeking efficiency and cost-savings from outside vendors, as well as rapid advancements in telecommunications and information technology. ITES is defined as outsourcing of processes that can be enabled with IT and covers diverse areas like Finance, HR, Administration, Health care and Telecommunication etc…

Customer Interaction Services : 

Customer Interaction Services Contact center that are service facilities with adequate telecom infrastructure, trained consultants, access to requisite databases, Internet and other online information infrastructure to provide information support to customers round the clock, year round.

Challenges in ITES business : 

Challenges in ITES business Qualified manpower Quality manpower Trained manpower Man power retention- biggest challenge

ITES include the following : 

ITES include the following Back office operations Call Centers Content Development / Animation Data Processing Engineering and Design Geographic Information System Services Human Resource Services Insurance Claim Processing

Qualified manpower : 

Qualified manpower

Quality manpower : 

Quality manpower

Trained manpower : 

Trained manpower

Manpower retention : 

Manpower retention

Slide 11: 

SCOPE OF IT-ITES SECTOR IN INDIA Economic survey revealed that IT-ITES sector created almost 3 million additional jobs this year and number will go on in the immediate future IT services will contribute over 7.5 % of the overall GDP. IT Exports will account for 35% of the total exports with potential for 2.2 million jobs in IT by 2008. IT industry will attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) of U.S. $ 4-5 billion.

IT-ITES one of the fastest growing : 

IT-ITES one of the fastest growing sectors in India Revenues ~ USD 36 billion (2006 Est.) CAGR (FY 2004-06) - 30 % Contribution to GDP up from 2% in 2000 to 5% in 2006 Exports ~ USD 23.5 billion (2006 Est.) CAGR (FY 2004-06) - 35 % Has nearly doubled in last three years Domestic Market - USD 13 billion (2006 Est.) CAGR (FY 2004-06) - 22% Buoyed by an economy growing at nearly 8% per annum over the last 3 years

Slide 15: 

A Case Study of Regional Balancing: Bhubaneswar IT/ITES sector growth Units registered with STPI as well as exporting units have risen steadily since 2003-04 Impact of IT/ITES sector growth Impact on Export Earnings Reached around Rs. 800 crore (183 mn USD) in 2006-07 – set to reach target of Rs 2000 crore (500mn USD) by 2011-12 Growth in 06-07 of 60% - higher than national average of 28% Impact on Employment Demand for IT/ITES professionals grew at CAGR of 206% during 2001-07- projected to reach 430,000 by 2011-12 From surplus manpower till 2004, shortfall of nearly 63,000 professionals in 2007

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