communication skills and cross cultural communication

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S.K.P. ENGINEERING COLLEGE Tiruvannamalai-606611

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Presented by G.Karthik ( ) STREAM: CSE -II G.Ranjith ( ) STREAM:EEE-II Presentation on communication skills and cross cultural communication




Objectives What is Good and what is Bad Communication Some basic skills to become a Good Communicator

….and also:

….and also To recognize & overcome barriers Advantages of listening To speak confidently To communicate effectively

Research shows, :

Research shows, Communication is….. body language 55% words 7% style 38%

Why Communication:

Why Communication To express our emotions Achieve joint understanding To get things done Pass on and obtain information Reach decisions Develop relationships

Home Truths about Communication:

Home Truths about Communication Good Communication can’t exist without honest listening We do not try HARD to get our message across We do not take advantage of various media available to us We all could improve our communication skills It cannot be perfected

What is Communication…:

What is Communication… Art of getting your message across effectively through: Visuals – leaves greatest impact Body Language – can make or mar Spoken words – first & simplest way Written words – reflects importance

Types & Methods:

Types & Methods Television, Newspaper, Magazines, Internet… Multimedia Photographs, Paintings, Videos, Film… Visuals Facial expressions, Actions, Voice Tone, Silence, Stance… Gestures Conversations, Interviews, Phone Calls, Requests… Spoken Letters, Memos, Reports… Written

Communication : The Flow:

Communication : The Flow Sender Receiver Message Feedback Channel Perception Delivery Formulating Response Understanding

Barriers to Effective Communication:

Barriers to Effective Communication Proper Pronunciation Communication Help Pen Buffalo Career Guest Colonel Buffet Bouquet Rendezvous Bulb Fax Prakash Pradeep Chandrajeet

Body Language:

Body Language Defensiveness Open hands, unbuttoned coat Arms crossed, sideways glance, touching-rubbing nose, rubbing eyes, buttoned coat, drawing away Openness Insecurity Pinching flesh, chewing pen, thumb over thumb, biting fingernail

Body Language :

Body Language Confidence Cooperation Upper body in sprinter's position, open hands, sitting on edge of chair, hand to face gestures, unbuttoning coat. Steepled hands, hands behind back, back stiffened, hands in coat pockets with thumb out, hands on tapels of coat

Listening – Why is it important?:

Listening – Why is it important? Writing Reading Speaking Listening Order in which we are taught Order in which we learn 9% 16% 30% 45%

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AVERAGE = 59% PRACTICE = 75% HARDWORK = 98% ATTITUDE = 100% Every problem has a solution ,only if we perhap’s change our attitude To go to the top to that 100%.............

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Cross-Cultural Communication

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What is culture? Helps me decide... It tells me what to think and do I can show it, I can see it

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Culture What is culture ? Culture is the arts elevated to set of beliefs Culture is the lens through which we view the world

PowerPoint Presentation:

Cultural differences visible Communication styles Attitudes towards conflict Decision making styles Approaching to knowing unvisible Beliefs Values Expectation Attitudes

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Why cross culture is important ? Globalization Business opportunities Job opportunities Sharing of views and ideas Talent improvisation An understanding of diverse market

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Eye In some cultures, looking people in the eyes is assumed to indicate honesty and straightforwardness , in others it is seen as challenging and rude . In Arab culture too little eye contact is regarded as disrespectful . In English culture certain amount of eye contact is necessary but too much makes people uncomfortable In South- Asian countries direct eye contact is regarded aggressive & rude .

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Meanings of Hand Gestures in Different Cultures U S = O K JAPAN = MONEY RUSSIA = ZERO BRAZIL = INSULT

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However, the going good sign translates into a rude and offensive gesture in Islamic and Asian countries. In Australia, it means OK, but if you move it up and down, it is considered as a grave insult. Thumbs up hand sign

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The cross may have originated from the Pagan symbols that means to ward off evil. Many times people cross their fingers before telling a lie, as it is believed to countervail the evil that comes of the lie. It is a positive and negative symbol as it interprets both luck or lies. Fingers Crossed Hand Gesture

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Skills to overcome differences To handle yourself ,use your head To handle others ,use your heart.

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Precautions in cross- cultural communication Slow down Separate question Use easy words Write it down Be supportive Check meaning


THE END….. I HEAR, I forget I SEE, I remember I DO, I understand”

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Thank you for your attention We welcome your questions, suggestions,comments!

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