Miniatured fractal antenna for wireless application


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Miniatured fractal antenna for wireless application:

Miniatured fractal antenna for wireless application Dr.k.Annaram Ph.D Guided by, 1 KCET DONE BY, S.G.KARTHEESWARI

Aim of our project:

Aim of our project To shrinking the size of an antenna through the use of fractals. Inorder to obtain high radiation pattern and input impedance similar to a longer antenna. Take less area due to the many contours of the shape. 2 KCET

Literature review:

Literature review E. Lule, et al, “Koch island fractal ultra wideband dipole antenna”, IEEE, Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium, Vol. 3, pp.2516 – 2519, June 2004. A. K. Verma and Nasimuddin, “Fast and accurate model for analysis of equilateral triangular patch antenna,” Journal of Microwaves and Optoelectronics, Vol. 3, No 4, April 2004. 3 KCET

Slide 4:

C. Puente, J. Romeu, R. Pous, X. Garcia, and F. Benitez, “Fractal multiband antenna based on the Sierpinski gasket,” Electron. Lett., vol. 32, no. 1, pp.1–2, Jan. 1996. R. Singh, A. De and R. S. Yadava, comments on ‘‘An improved formula for resonant frequency of the triangular microstrip patch antenna,” IEEE Trans. Antennas Propagate, vol. AP-39, pp. 1443-1444, Sept. 1991. 4 KCET

Slide 5:

J. S. Dahele and K. F. Lee, “On the resonant frequencies of the triangular patch antenna,” IEEE Trans. Antennas Propagate., vol. AP-35, pp.100-101,Jan. 1987. R. Garg and S. A. Long, “An improved formula for the resonant frequency of triangular microstrip patch antenna,” IEEE Trans. Antennas Propagation vol. AP-36, pp. 570, Apr.1988. 5 KCET


WHY FRACTAL ANTENNA ? Fractal antenna having non-integral dimension Space filling capability used for miniaturizing antenna size. Due to similarity property antenna having a large number of resonant frequencies. Multiband performance at non-harmonic frequencies. 6 KCET

Slide 7:

Fractal antenna having improved impedance. Improved SWR performance at reduced physical area. At high frequencies fractal antennas are naturally broadband. Polarization phasing of antenna is possible. Fractal antenna don’t require matching components. 7 KCET

Slide 8:

Four separate antenna’s used for four band. One antenna used for four bands. 8 KCET

Tyes of fractal antenna:

Tyes of fractal antenna Koch model Minkowski model Sierpinski model 9 KCET

Types of fractal:

Types of fractal Fractal comes into two major variation. Deterministic fractal -fractals are composed of several scaled down and rotated copies of exhibit the property of self similarity. Random fractal -fractals which have an additional element of randomness allowing for simulation,exhibit the propety of statistical self similarity. 10 KCET

Generation process:

Generation process Koch construction 11 KCET

Slide 12:

Function iteration in complex domain A0 = sqrt(3)/4 A1 = 3/4 A0 A2 = (3/4)2 A0 A3 = (3/4)3 A0 12 KCET

Slide 13:

METHODOLGY: Design Simulation using Agilent ADS software Fabrication and Testing 13 KCET

Slide 14:

ADVANTAGES OF FRACTAL ANTENNA TECHNOLOGIES. miniaturization and better input impedance matching wideband/multiband(use one antenna instead of many) frequency independent (consistent performance over huge frequency range) Reduced mutual coupling in fractal array antennas 14 KCET

Application of fractal antenna:

Application of fractal antenna Used in military application. Used in cell phones 15 KCET

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