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Politics: For whom the bells toll? An abstract of the theme:


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Politics: For whom the bells toll? : An abstract of the theme: :

Politics: For whom the bells toll? : An abstract of the theme: It is not ‘ human life’ the chief subject matter of the modern world; it is politics ! The former is secondary to the latter. Is it not an anti-thesis, as politics was intended to be only a means for human life to proper on planet earth !

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Politics has become virtually the art and science of capturing the throne in the respective states, or the country. It involves all the fierceness and blood-shed that the old Kings and the war-lords used to get into. But in today’s democratic form of government, an affair of EQUAL MEN to manage their collective affairs of living by using their reason and wisdom, under what logic such old games of foregone regimes be kept and adopted here ? Like the modern age has done away with ancient evil traditions like ‘Sati’ and child marriage, is it not time for us to get rid off the evil practice of politics too, in the modern human societies?

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It is a plain competition among ambitious men and groups to capture the odd thrones of state power that the masters of the older regimes had left behind. To continue with it is plain absurdity as far as man’s sense of reason is concerned. In the multiple political party system, the opposition groups takes up the exclusive job of befalling the ruling party from day one. The chief task of the ruling party becomes saving the government than doing any good work for the country.

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Modern day politics has adopted all the values of the economic system of capitalism, especially the core value of every one looking after one’s ’self- interest’. Nothing is considered wrong, or sinful in such games of self-interest. The progress of mankind- the end goal of the game- is the sole casualty. Every other area of human life, and every citizen in the country takes clues and values from this core game, and carry nations and the world into corrupt and morality deprived ways! Media, the mass communication agency in the world with the sole responsibility of looking after the sanity of mind of the people, have turned bugle blowers of the above political game, thus pushing the world into a morally and rationally orphaned state.

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The notion and concept of an open and transparent world, thus has become a mirage! The danger of future enlightened societies branding our age as another stretch of the ‘dark-ages’ is real! Abraham Joseph Founder Secretary ( please visit our web site: www.conscienceofthesociety.com for more of such articles and themes, on REINVENTED DEMOCRACY)

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