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Our goal is to help you in all aspects of your moving with our discount moving boxes.


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Slide1: Moving boxes & shipping supplies is an environmentally sensitive U.S. based family owned business that manufactures 100% of its professional industry standard boxes and as much of its moving supplies as competitively possible in the U.S.

Slide2: is the ONLY Internet based moving box and moving supply service with same day free shipping that provides: A completely unbundled customer controlled single item catalogue; At the most competitive pricing for the highest quality professional Industry standards; With stamped crush testing on all industry stock boxes!

Slide3: There is no other company on the Internet today that combines one-by-one catalogue item shopping with no minimum purchase on these professional industry standardized moving boxes and moving supplies with same day free shipping.   This combination of superior quality and service at the most competitive pricing can only be found at!    The Team wants to make sure that the U.S. consumer is fully aware of the gimmicks being used by some of the most well-respected name brands to provide you with an inferior quality service that does not meet the U.S. professional industry standards. 

Slide4: Most of the companies on the Internet selling Moving Supplies and Boxes have created special product lines for the Internet, including the major wholesale membership chains to the super retail chains to the well known national storage and truck rental branded companies.   In fact, many have reduced the size of the standard moving boxes used in the Industry so that they can use inferior grade products and still claim the superior grade.

Slide5: Tip: the smaller the size, the higher the crush test will read for the same item, even though it would not pass that same crush test at the standard sizing! Size reduction is a gimmick to sell inferior quality at higher prices. Once you know this you can compare apples with apples! Tip: do not be taken in by brand names; as we have all  now learned in the new millennium of the global economy, from wall street financial giants to main street retail giants, many of the best "U.S". brands are now globalized brands catering to the high growth International markets that do not have to meet U.S. standards.

Slide6: Whether they use child labor or cheap labor that has replaced U.S. manufacturing jobs, or they manufacture in the U.S. but use gimmicks such as smaller sizes that meet the "crush testing" standards or purchasing back unused boxes, they are all gimmicks to sell you inferior grade products at inflated prices.   Although we have come to trust many of these major brand names, the American Consumer is now aware that the most prestigious and well respected "U.S." fortune 50 companies with brands that we have come to trust, from the most well respected Toy manufacturers to the super sized retail chains, have literally risked our financial and physical health to save a buck. The number of product recalls in recent years has sky-rocketed and these are only on those products that we know about which is a very small percentage.

Slide7: These globalize formerly U.S. based companies have shifted their focus to the International markets that are where the U.S. was in the early 1900's. We can no longer rely on the mega brands to have our best interest at heart. Instead, it is the smaller family operated U.S. based Internet enabled companies run by consumers for consumers who are now taking the lead in providing trusted best of bread products to the U.S. consumer. They cut their costs by being better at what they do and accepting a lower profit margin for their service. They rely on the Internet to empower the consumer to seek out these formerly unknown brands to find the true new best of breed brands who seek to balance quality, economy and service in an environmentally conscious fashion.

Slide8: These inferior products sold through some of the largest brand names they we thought we could trust, after reducing the size of their boxes, such as the length of the wardrobe moving box or the size of the small, medium, large and extra large, have also reduced the quality of these boxes.   The team does not cut corners on its moving supplies and boxes.   We are a small family operated environmentally aware U.S. business that continues to respect the consumer and believe that the consumer today is well informed and does their research.

Slide9: When companies try to tell the smart American consumer that they have reduced the size of their boxes to make them "easier to handle" or "more convenient for the average consumer", we believe that you already know t this is a red flag. By reducing the size of their boxes away from the moving industries' "stock" box sizes, they are selling to you an inferior grade product disguised as a quality product.   At our small, medium, large and extra large boxes meet the industry standards and are the same exact boxes sold to professional movers. Rest assured that professional movers do not purchase their boxes at storage facilities or truck rental companies or super retail chains; all of these companies have re-designed their boxes to an inferior grade and then jacked up their prices even higher due to the convenience of local or last minute pick up at their facilities.

Slide10: At when we sell you a double walled China/Dish Box, you can rest assured that you are packing your valuables in a double walled box that is made for the professional moving trade and not re-designed for the consumer.   If a box manufacturer is selling you boxes direct and tells you that they have reduced the size of their boxes to make it easier for the consumer to use, then they have done so to sell you an inferior grade product at the price of a top grade product. At we are the American consumer and we respect the American consumer and realize that they have evolved into smart internet-enabled consumers who will read between these lines on these marketing gimmicks and realize that this is simply marketing code for "we are selling you boxes that are not standard size for the industry so that they do not have to meet the standard qualities set by the industry".

Slide11: So, when you purchase your moving supplies from whether it is our small, medium, large or extra large stock size professional industry standard boxes with documented crush test results right on the box;   or one of specialty boxes, such as the Dish/China box which is a full sized double-walled professional moving industry stock size box with crush test (note; the smaller the box, i.e., non-stock sizes, the easier it is to fake the standard test results as a smaller box does have to be as strong as a larger one to obtain the same rating; so beware the box manufacturers that claim that their small boxes meet industry testing standards!).   When you place your valuables in our Dish/China boxes you are using the same professional quality box that conforms to the highest industry standards that were originally set to protect the American consumer from moving scams and gimmicks to sell inferior quality products and services.

Slide12: We believe that remains the only Internet based Moving Supplies and Moving Box supplier that provides the consumer with all of the following:   1. Standardized "Stock" size professional moving industry boxes with crush test ratings stamped on each box, including:    stock sized small medium large and extra large moving boxes;   very important full stock size double walled Dish/China box;   full sized heavy duty 24" wardrobe moving box with crush test stamped right on the boxes (these weigh in between 9-10 pounds for each box!;   very important industry standard stock sized 4 piece picture boxes and mirror boxes with large bold warning lables and bold printed moving instructions printed right on each of the 4 pieces;   Industry standard stock size Lamp Boxes designed so that they can be used individually or as a 2 piece kit for maximum size to protect even your tallest lamps.

Slide13: 2. The same high quality moving supplies sold to the industry, including:   Top grade full sized (1500 ft)  .80 thick stretch wrap at the price that most Internet companies sell their 1000 or 1200 ft. stetch wrap;   Quality 110 Yard moving tape designed for the moving industry at the price that most companies sell you their 55 Yd. tape; these are the same tapes uses to pack your orders!   Industry stock Corrugated Paper and Corrugated Bubble hand cut to fill each order   the same Top quality full sized tape guns that we use to pack thousands of orders that last our own professionally trained team an average of 12 or more months through extremely heavy constant non-stop box taping; Industry Standard stock quality twin mattress bags, full mattress bags, queen mattress bags, king mattress bags, chair covers, sofa covers, dust covers, picture pouches and drop clothes.

Slide14: Industry Standard high quality nylon rope that won't unravel when you use it.   Industry Standard high quality glass packing kits and dish packing kits with cell dividers to fit our stock industry standard small moving boxes;   Industry Standard high quality Dish/China Cell Pack kits that provide you with the sturdy dividers needed to decrease the potential for movement and breakage, saving you both time and money when packing your breakable valuables. With these dividers in place, you will need to purchase less than half of the industry standard packing paper for each item;   Industry standard top quality foam packing sheets that roll out 12" perforated sheets;   Industry standard small bubble and large bubble perforated at 12" for easy tearing and convenient 150ft and 250ft small bubble rolls;   Various sizes high quality box cutters - the same ones we use to cut and pack your orders

Slide15: 3. is the Only Internet Moving Supply and Moving Box company that sells the highest quality industry standard sized and crush tested stamped boxes where the consumer can custom pick each and every item one-by-one (not in pre-packed bundle sizes) with same day free shipping to your door. Although many Internet companies claim they have no minimum order size, they get around the additional cost related to custom pick and pack by selling to you by the bundle.   Despite the fact that Ground Shipping prices for large sized heavy shipments whether delivered to your home or office has risen to an all time high with shipping prices increasing more than 50% since 2005 and with all of the shipping companies charging a whole list of separate surcharges ranging from rural delivery surcharges to 3 tiers of oversized box surcharges to fuel delivery surcharges, not to mention the dimensional weight charges, remains the ONLY company that does not cut corners on quality at the best price with the most consumer-friendly service.   What this means for is that a box that weighs 2 lbs but has oversized large dimensions (most of the items we sell), is charged at a rate of 70 pounds. You read that right!

Slide16: Due to our volume, we have been able to negotiate pricing with these carriers but even with our volume pricing, it costs on average 25% of our total sales to ship to your door. For some of the West and NorthWest coast shipping costs reach as high as 50% (meaning we lose money on these shipments). But we have resisted increasing the pricing for these shipments. When you add the cost of advertising on the Internet (Google has become one of the largest companies in the world since going public only a couple of years ago due to these Internet advertising costs!), the cost of goods, warehousing and the the skilled labor costs (we do not hire illegal aliens) needed to custom pick and custom pack each order, has to be better at what it does to be able to deliver the only service of its kind with value pricing that has not been matched by any other internet, super chain store, manufacturer or local storage and truck rental company in the U.S.!   At we care about the health of our environment, we do hire illegal workers, we purchase 100% of our industry standard boxes from U.S. manufacturers and we provide same day free shipping with no minimum order at the best comparative pricing for the quality sold anywhere in the U.S.

Slide17: Product Guarantee If you have any questions or comments Please contact us at the number below Email Mail Adress: 5433 N. University Dr, Suite 120  Lauderhill, Fl. 33351 Phone Phone: 1-888-353-5554

Slide18: Thank you

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