Credit Card Debt Settlement


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Your one stop solution for debt settlement, credit restoration / credit report repair & unsecured debt consolidation!


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Credit Card Debt Settlement initiates with sympathetic where your currency is going like simply obtain a proof of payment every time you purchase something and at the end of the week collect all of the receipts and ask you self which of those acquisition you could have done without. Read more

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Credit Restoration & Debt Settlement Denver Credit Restoration – Improve your credit score Debt Settlement – Pay off those collections and avoid lawsuit Debt Consolidation – Pay off credit cards faster and save thousands Credit Building Tools – Add positive tradelines to your credit Crusader Services offers :- Student Loan Consolidation – Free U.S. Government program


Credit Repair Free consultations Upfront estimate of time required and results to expect Personalized advice Credit coaching included- clients can call with debt related questions Billed per set of results not every month Stop and (re)start anytime


Debt Consolidation Free accurate creditor-specific quote upfront Can keep one credit card out of the program in most cases Select your month debit date 3 different pay options available No prepayment penalty


Debt Settlement Clients can track their available funds online Funds kept in FDIC-insured bank account Payment plan 100% flexible and changeable


Contact Us Physical Address: Crusader Consumer Services 4340 East Kentucky Ave. Workshops Offices #123 Glendale, CO 80246 Contact Numbers: Phone: 303-757-6300 Toll Free: 866-757-6300 Fax: 303-757-6301 Email :


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