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There is much of treatments for kidney disease like repair the damage renal tissue. Blood urea and creatinine level.But in this all disease treatment you will never get acurate result. Only Ayurvedic treatment for kidney damage disease can give the acurate result for the lifetime.Through Ayurvedic medicine you get all disease treatment like:- kidney failure treatment in ayurveda,Polycystic kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda, Ayurvedic medicine for kidney disease or kidney damage.


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KARMA AYURVEDA G-20 N.D.M.1 PLOT NUMBER B-234 OPPOSITE N.I.M.S NETAJI SUBASH PLACE PITAMPURA DELHI- 110034. Contact Us:-011-4777-2777 We Offer Our Best Ayurvedic treatment For Kidney Disease

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Karma Ayurveda is an Ayurvedic pharmaceutical hospital / Clinic that has been serving the CKD patients since last 8 decades. Dr. Puneet Dhawan with his knowledge and compassion to help everyone using research and practice in Ayurveda is trying to reach patients with chronic kidney disease and much more. Dr Puneet Dhawan is a kidney specialist doctor who always trying to give their best to every patients. In Karma Ayurveda we care about to every patient that they feel relaxed after getting treatment from karma ayurveda. ABOUT KARMA AYURVEDA Know more about us : -

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What Is Kidney Disease Our kidneys are the wonderful creation in human body. The two small organs are located in the lower back on each side of the spine. Their main principle is to filter the blood and control the levels of potassium salts and acids. Kidney Disease is happen due to some infection in human body. Kidney disease is very critical and difficult to treat it normally. Read More :-

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Types Of Kidney Disease Chronic kidney disease Acute Kidney Disease In chronic kidney disease there is a slow loss of function which progresses over a period of time. The turn down could happen over a period of several months or even years and the damage is usually permanent. In acute kidney disease the kidney develops and progresses quickly and can go from mild to harsh in a substance of days or a few weeks. This can happen if you have any health disorder that adversely affects the flow of urine or the supply of blood to the kidney or has a direct impact on the organ itself. Read more :-

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Symptoms Of Kidney Disease And Its Preventions 1. Pain in the back 2. Blood in urine 3. Swelling of body parts 4. Pain in the back 5. Change in the taste of food 6. Anemia 7. Fatigue 8. Loss of appetite Preventions 1. Know your family history. 2. Drink lots of water. 3. Eat healthy and exercise 4. Control high blood pressure. 5. Follow prescribed treatment for illnesses that cause kidney disease. Read more :-

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Health Diet For Kidney Patients RΝ : - Маnу еоlе wіth kіdnеу fаіlurе suffеr frоm аnеmіа. Оnе оf thе аusеs оf аnеmіа іs а lоw lеvеl оf іrоn іn thе bоdу. Іf уоu hаvе lоw іrоn lеvеls уоu mау nееd tо tаkе mеdіаtіоn. АЕ АΝD АLU :- Рhоshаtе аnd аlіum аffеt thе hеаlth оf thе bоnеs. Whеn а еrsоn hаs kіdnеу fаіlurе thе аlіum lеvеl іn thеіr bоdу tеnds tо bе tоо lоw аnd thе hоshаtе lеvеl tоо hіgh.

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Ayurvedic Treatments For Kidney Disease Ayurveda is an old method for Kidney Failure Ayurvedic Treatment. Ayurvedic medicine contains some herbal substance that helps in healing all kind of kidney disease. If you are receiving treatment by Ayurveda then it’s conforming that you will be fine because Ayurveda have no side-effect. We treat the patient with natural elements.

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Look Us On Google Karma Ayurveda G-20N.D.M-1 OPPOSITE NIMS Netaji Subhash Place PITAMPURA NEW DELHI 110034India Conact Us:-011 4777 2777 Visit Our Google Map

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