Karl Kjer - United States and China Collaborating on Important Scienti


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Karl Kjer, before he became the talented science writer and editor he is today, directed the Coon Rapids, Minnesota Marching Band in 1982, which took third place at the Minnesota State Fair Marching Band Competition


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Karl Kjer - United States and China Collaborating on Important Scientific Work:

Karl Kjer - United States and China Collaborating on Important Scientific Work


Karl Kjer is a founding member of 1KITE, which studies all of the expressed genes of over 1000 insects. With the aid of several Chinese collaborators, Kjer and his team at 1KITE have helped sequence and analyze many insect species’ DNA and expressed genes. “ Unravelling the evolution of insects is essential for understanding how life in terrestrial and limnic environments evolved,” according to the 1KITE initiative, and collaboration between Chinese and American scientists have helped this project along


Xin Zhou, once a student of Karl Kjer , is an associated scientist based in the China Agricultural University in Beijing. His work for 1KITE began at BGI, the world's largest genomic research center. His work on sequencing insect DNA has proved invaluable to the 1KITE initiative. Several other Chinese scientists have played important roles in the cataloging and sequencing of the DNA of a thousand insect species spanning all insect orders


Kjer has worked with scientists from eleven different countries to find more information on how insects evolved on the planet and how they came to be the dominant life form in the prehistoric Earth. Kjer was involved with the 2016-02-24 NSF-NSFC Workshop to Explore Enhancing Collaborations between U.S. and Chinese Researchers in Systematic Biology. The work was highlighted in "Science Daily" "Earth and Environment" "Entomology Today" "Creation Today" "News Ledge" " Eurekalert " "The Christian Science Monitor" "Phys.org" "Science 2.0" and many others

To know more about Karl Kjer visit::

To know more about Karl Kjer visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karl-kjer-020284140 https:// twitter.com/karl_kjer https:// entomologytoday.org/tag/karl-kjer/ https://www.crunchbase.com/person/karl-kjer https ://www.houzz.in/user/karlkjer https://karlkjer.wordpress.com https://medium.com/@KarlKjer https://www.behance.net/Karl_Kjer https://vimeo.com/karlkjer

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