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San Antonio Trends, Challenges and Opportunities : 

San Antonio Trends, Challenges and Opportunities Emil R.Moncivais, FAICP, AIA, CNU City of San Antonio Planning Director Alamo Community College District

Population Growth, Distribution Trends, & Demographics : 

Population Growth, Distribution Trends, & Demographics

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Top 10 Largest US Cities – 2005

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Top 10 Largest TEXAS Cities - 2005

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2000-2005 Population Growth by County

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City of San Antonio Growth by Annexations Every Tenth Year Area – 36 Square Miles, Population – 253,854, Area – 70 Square Miles, Population – 408,442 Area – 161 Square Miles, Population – 687,151 Area – 184 Square Miles, Population – 830,460 Area – 263 Square Miles, Population – 988,971 Area – 342 Square Miles, Population – 1,185,394 Area – 430 Square Miles, Population – 1,114,646 Area – 522 Square Miles, Population – 1,306,900 Area – 49 Square Miles, Population – 7,680 San Antonio Area Growth

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San Antonio Population 1970: 654,153 1980: 786,023 1990: 935,933 2000: 1,144,646 2010: 1,354,381

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Projected Population Growth by County– 2050 Source: US Census

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Ethnic Composition of Bexar County 2030 African American – 7% Other Non- White – 3% Spanish Origin – 54% Anglo- 36% Spanish Origin – 67% Anglo- 19% Other Non- White – 7% African American – 7% 2000

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Median Household Income-2000 By Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) Texas MSAs Selected MSAs Austin $48,950 Atlanta $51,948 Dallas/Ft. Worth $47,418 San Diego $47,067 Houston $44,761 Charlotte $46,308 San Antonio $39,140 Phoenix $44,472 El Paso $31,051 San Antonio $39,140 Source: U.S. Census

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Educational Attainment 2000- Population Age 25 and Over with Bachelor’s Degree or Higher Texas Cities Selected Cities Austin 45.1% Atlanta 42.9% Dallas 28.8% San Diego 39.0% Houston 27.1% Charlotte 37.2% San Antonio 23.5% Phoenix 25.1% El Paso 21.8% San Antonio 23.5% Source: U.S. Census

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College Age Population: 2005

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San Antonio Housing Market Powered by the lowest mortgage rates in four decades, the Growth of housing market has continued since the early 1990’s “San Antonio is projected to have the strongest growth in Housing prices of the 100 largest metropolitan areas in 2006. Projected growth for San Antonio is 8.30% in 2006 and 7.00% in 2007” According to a study done by Moody’s San Antonio is Bucking the National trend as “One of the hottest real estate markets”. The median sales price for June alone as $149,000. Since the year 2000, the figures reflect a; 78% Increase in number of sales 52% Increase in median value

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San Antonio Housing Production 1986-2005

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EmploymentGrowth : 


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Bexar County Civilian Labor Force: 1970-2010 - Labor Force - Population Source: Decennial Census

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Major Employment Centers with Major Employers

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San Antonio Growth in VMT : 

San Antonio Growth in VMT VMT is growing 4 times faster than population Source: Texas Transportation Institute

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Projected Increases In Traffic Congestion

Transportation Partners : 

Transportation Partners Metropolitan Planning Organization City of San Antonio Bexar County VIA Metropolitan Transit Authority Texas Department of Transportation Alamo Area Council of Governments Bexar County Council of Cities Northeast Partnership (Randolph Region) Alamo Regional Mobility Authority Austin-San Antonio Inter-municipal Commuter Rail District San Antonio Mobility Coalition

Challenges : 

Challenges Addressing the needs of the fastest growing population in Texas Migration and growth in college age population Multi-cultural diversity a great asset Competition with other cities in attracting the “Creative Class”: Artists, scientists, inventors Austin San Diego Seattle Transportation Traffic congestion and an $8 Billion funding gap to 2030

Opportunities : 

Opportunities Strengthening partnerships with School Districts Example City South Management Authority Increase in Higher Educational opportunities Expansion of local 4 year universities Masters and Doctoral programs Continuing adult education Preparation for participation in a diversifying and growing economy Diversification of our local economy Automotive Manufacturing Aerospace Biotechnology / Medical Finance

Opportunities Cont. : 

Opportunities Cont. Responding to growth Multimodal transportation Alternatives Light rail and Bus rapid transit Smart Growth Walking/livable communities Opportunities to live work and play in closer proximity Compact Mixed use and Infill Development

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Emil Moncivais, Planning Director 207-7952 City of San Antonio Planning Departments Website Address

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