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Presentation to Micro Finance Banks and DFIs on 22nd June 2010 Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Youth Development Program

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Status of Phase-I Program was conceived by present government developed through consultative process with Public Sector department, Private Sector bodies and other stakeholders from March 2008. After kind approval of Chief Minister Sindh, the program was inaugurated through Works & Services Department on 25 th August 2008 for one year. In all 12 departments participated and conducted trainings in Phase I as per their individual ADP schemes and three other departments have submitted PC-I to join from next phase. Fifteen Private Institutes/ organizations gave trainings in 45 trades through Provincial Coordination Unit. Management Information System (MIS) is functional. Trainings of Social Mobilisers was started. Nursing trade has been added to meet the requirements of Health Sector. 34000 trainees were trained in various market demand trades in Phase-I.

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Program Plan (Phase-II-2009-10) In view of experience of program implementation of Phase-I (2008-09), training Program for phase-II for 50,000 to 75,000 Educated un-employed youth of Sindh has been planned as per following break-up: Department/Organization Number Public Sector Departments 10 to 15,000 Provincial Coordination Unit-BBSYDP 15 to 20,000 S.TEVTA 25 to 40,000 Total 50 to75,000

Implementation of BBSYDP through PSC:

Implementation of BBSYDP through PSC Provincial Steering Committee is an apex body of BBSYDP to implement the Program. Its Terms of Reference (TORs) includes to provide leadership, guidance and operational level, approve the Proposal For Training and to make policy decisions to remove bottlenecks in the implementation process

Provincial Coordination Unit (PCU):

Provincial Coordination Unit (PCU) Provincial Coordination Unit (PCU) is responsible for monitoring, coordination and implementation of BBSYDP under Planning & Development Department. Its TORs include implementation of policy, guidance, procedure and leadership from PSC and monitor overall implementation of youth development program and launch training program through Public and Private Sectors.

Guidelines version-III for BBSYDP:

Guidelines version-III for BBSYDP A comprehensive document of the Guidelines (Version-III) of the Program has been developed and disseminated amongst all the stakeholders and put on web site of the Program. It provides guidance to all the training partners in preparing their proposals and conducting training. In other words it is code of ethics and rules of training programs under BBSYDP.



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