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a general overview of contrast linkers: inspite of, despite, although, even though, though, whereas, however- intermediate level


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Contrast Linkers:

Contrast Linkers

Linkers of Contrast:

Linkers of Contrast When we want to introduce contrast in English, we use the following words : In spite of/ Despite ( the fact that ) Although / Even though / Though However / Nevertheless Whereas

When & How:

When & How In spite of/ Despite Followed by a noun phrase or pronoun ( that / this / what , etc.) or a verb in the ‘ ing ’ form Despite their money , they can’t buy happiness . Despite what I said last night , I still love you . In spite of having so much money , they can’t buy happiness .

When & How:

When & How Although / Even though / Though Followed by a clause /complete sentence with subject + verb Although she sang beautifully , she didn’t win the contest . I am going out tonight , even though I am tired .

When & How:

When & How Though Though is sometimes used instead of although I didn’t get the job though I had all the necessary qualifications . Though is often used at the end of a sentence . The house isn’t very nice . I like the garden though .

Compare although & in spite of/despite:

Compare although & in spite of/ despite Although the traffic was bad , I arrived on time. In spite of the traffic , I arrived on time. I couldn’t sleep although I was very tired . I couldn’t sleep despite being very tired .

Complete with the correct connector:

Complete with the correct connector 1. We're studying now _______ there's an interesting film on TV. ( although , despite) 2. I’d like to talk to you _______  I know you’re busy. (although, in spite of) 3. _______  her efforts, she failed the exam. (despite, although) 4. _______we were having difficulties, we felt optimistic. ( although , in spite of) 5. We didn’t win the game ______ all our hard work. (although, in spite of)

When & How:

When & How However / Nevertheless Introduce a new idea which marks a contrast with the previously stated idea. These words are separated from the sentence they introduce by a comma . She was feeling very ill . However , she went to school . You need some help with your homework . Nevertheless , no one can help you and you have to do it yourself .

When & How:

When & How Whereas Links two contrasting ideas which are spearated by a comma . The original movie was quite interesting , whereas the remake was really boring . Whereas you have lots of time to do your homework , I have very little time indeed .

Connectors are usually written in specific places in a sentence: :

Connectors are usually written in specific places in a sentence: At the beginning of a sentence : however , nevertheless Either at the beginning or in the middle : despite , in spite of, although , even though , whereas Only in the middle of a sentence : but In the middle or at the end of a sentence : though

Complete the sentences:

Complete the sentences _____________ Andrew was warned of the risks, he decided to travel alone to South America. Maria did not get a promotion ______________ her qualifications. Zambia is a land- locked country, ____________ Kenya has a coastline . The city has a 50 kph limit. __________________, people are often caught speeding.

Complete the sentences:

Complete the sentences You won’t be forgiven ___________________ your apology. We couldn’t find a house to buy _______________we looked at quite a few. He always looks so lonely and sad ____________ his popularity. He is quiet and shy, _________________ his sister is lively and talkative

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