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Earlier this evening my “hard headed” 9 year old son went snooping through his 17 yr. old brother’s items under the bathroom sink and stumbled upon his Gold Bond Foot Spray. He thought that it was some type of breath spray and proceeded to squirt a bit in his mouth.

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It tasted awful! He came into my room and confessed because he wanted to know what it was he sprayed into his mouth. I looked at the can and I flipped! I called the 1-800 number on the can and they assured me that one squirt wasn’t life threatening. I made him drink a bottle of water for my comfort.

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I then decided to teach him a lesson just to let him know how dangerous this was. I pretended to call 911 in front of him and I pretended to listen to them tell me that there was nothing they could do for my son. He was definitely going to DIE.

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I gave him the heart-wrenching news and now I want you to listen to my brave son say his final good-byes……

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Now watch as he tearfully says good-bye to his brother…

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But wait a minute! Could the joke be on me???!!! Check out his final request as I put him to bed…

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