New Dimensions in Search: seeing, hearing, viewing (Edited highlights)

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Edited highlights from the presentation given at the WebSearch Academy, 17th October 2016, at the Olympia Conference Centre in London


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31/10/2016 1 WebSearch Academy 2016 New dimensions in search: Seeing, hearing, viewing Internet Librarian International, London 17 th October 2016 https://

Images, videos, sound files for...:

Images, videos, sound files for... Photos, charts, graphs, diagrams, sketches News footage - current and archived Interviews Presentations, lectures Corporate communications Literary readings TV and radio programmes “How to...” Interactive maps Infographics And lots more! 31/10/2016 2

Select your search terms carefully:

Select your search terms carefully You are usually searching on the creator’s/publisher’s file name, title, tags, description. For images possibly the text immediately surrounding the image Some databases have minimal descriptions of the content if any You won’t be using Google all of the time – most tools will not automatically search for variations and synonyms of a term Also, not all media may be available in your location. You may have to find another version of the tool or a country version e.g. BBC content 31/10/2016 3


Copyright! Know your licenses All rights reserved – contact the copyright owner Creative Commons 31/10/2016 4 Attribution No Derivative Works Public Domain Dedication (CC0) Public Domain Work Share Alike Noncommercial

Copyright information:

Copyright information Don’t ignore it! Beware, specialist search tools may find your infringing content e.g.PicScout ( ) owned by Getty Images License details in text associated with file Copyright information in meta-data – can be stripped, so don’t rely on it Visual watermarks/license statements on images and videos, difficult to remove Digital watermarks on images e.g. Digimarc ( ). Not obvious but can be tracked even if you alter the colours and size, crop it or take a screen shot 31/10/2016 5

Google image search:

Google image search 31/10/2016 6

Google image search - colour:

Google image search - colour 31/10/2016 7

Google reverse image search:

31/10/2016 8 Google reverse image search

Bing images – similar to Google:

Bing images – similar to Google 31/10/2016 9

Bing – Image match:

Bing – Image match 31/10/2016 10 image search: image search 31/10/2016 11 – search by image: – search by image 31/10/2016 12 Sort results by date – newest or oldest

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31/10/2016 13 Best Reverse Image Search Engines, Apps And Uses (2016) Reverse image searching made easy...

Flickr .com:

Flickr .com Flickr adds automatically generated tags ( Autotags ) to photos and are often vague and sometimes completely wrong Autotags are included in Flickr search 31/10/2016 14

Creative Commons and public domain images:

Creative Commons and public domain images Always double check the copyright on individual photos Flickr Creative Commons Flickr The Commons Multicolr Search Lab (search by colour and keywords) 31/10/2016 15

Creative Commons and public domain images:

Creative Commons and public domain images Wikimedia Commons Unsplash | High-Resolution Photos curated open source photos | open photo project @ Geograph “UK and Ireland photos of landmarks and buildings for every Ordnance Survey grid” Wellcome Images Nasa 31/10/2016 16


Video Google Videos vs (NOT the same) Hunting YouTube Content | The Confidential Resource Bing Videos Yandex Video Vimeo Dailymotion blinkx Video 31/10/2016 17

Google videos vs YouTube:

Google videos vs YouTube 31/10/2016 18

Bing videos:

Bing videos 31/10/2016 19

Download & Streaming : Moving Image Archive : Internet Archive :

Download & Streaming : Moving Image Archive : Internet Archive 31/10/2016 20

Download & Streaming : Audio Archive : Internet Archive :

Download & Streaming : Audio Archive : Internet Archive 31/10/2016 21

Europeana :

Europeana 31/10/2016 22

Google Arts & Culture :

Google Arts & Culture 31/10/2016 23

Open Culture :

Open Culture 31/10/2016 24

SearchReSearch :

SearchReSearch 31/10/2016 25 SearchReSearch : Answer: Fake or real? How do you know?

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