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These are some of the slides that I have used in my various June 2016 workshops on business information resources. The last workshop run at the end of June had extra slides on Brexit and the EU, some of which are included in this edited version.


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Business Information: key web resources and search strategies:

Business Information: key web resources and search strategies June 2016 Facilitator: Karen Blakeman RBA Information Services karenblakeman

Current issues:

Current issues BREXIT!!! Legislation - EU “right to be forgotten”, link taxes More government sites and information being moved to Changes to the UK Companies Act – small and micro companies, PSC register More official data being made available as open data - possible quality and accessibility issues Leaked documents, “Panama Papers” 06/07/2016 2

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06/07/2016 3

Slide 4:

06/07/2016 4 EU Referendum Results: Young 'Screwed By Older Generations' As Polls Suggest 75% Backed Remain But polls relatively small sample size (800 – ca 12,000)

Slide 5:

06/07/2016 5 How did different demographic groups vote in the EU referendum?

Slide 6:

EU - Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, UK EEA – European Economic Area European Union + Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein EFTA - European Free Trade Association Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland Greenland – included as one of the Overseas Countries and Territories (OCT) which has special relations with the EU Special member state territories and the European Union Wikipedia Five models for post- Brexit UK trade - BBC News 06/07/2016 6

UK - Changes from 1 January 2016:

UK - Changes from 1 January 2016 Companies must meet at least two of the following criteria 06/07/2016 7 Changes to accounting standards and regulations The Micro-entities Regime | Companies act | ICAEW Micro Small Turnover not exceeding £632,000 £10.2m (was £6.5m) Balance sheet total not exceeding £316,000 £5.1m (was £3.26m) Average number of employees Max. 10 Max. 50

Register of Persons with Significant Control (PSC):

Register of Persons with Significant Control (PSC) “Beneficial owners” of a company PSC requirements for companies and limited liability partnerships The new ‘people with significant control’ register | Companies House Beneficial ownership register opens on 6 April 2016 | BDO UK - BDO 06/07/2016 8

Slide 9:

06/07/2016 9 A Beneficial Ownership Register for the world: The first steps | OpenCorporates

UK Companies House :

UK Companies House 06/07/2016 10

Company Check :

Company Check Repackages Companies House data and provides additional display options Covers UK and some European countries Search by company or director’s name Easy to follow the directors Can filter results by status, location, assets etc. Registration (free of charge) required to make the most of the free options Some information e.g. credit reports, CCJs are priced 06/07/2016 11

Company Check – Hotel Chocolat:

Company Check – Hotel Chocolat 06/07/2016 12

Company Check – Hotel Chocolat:

Company Check – Hotel Chocolat 06/07/2016 13

Company Check - directors:

Company Check - directors 06/07/2016 14

Charity Commission – England and Wales:

Charity Commission – England and Wales 06/07/2016 15

The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland :

The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland 06/07/2016 16

OSCR Scottish Charity Regulator :

OSCR Scottish Charity Regulator 06/07/2016 17

CAF Charity Trends :

CAF Charity Trends 06/07/2016 18 Covers England and Wales

The Gazette | Official Public Record :

The Gazette | Official Public Record 06/07/2016 19

OpenGazettes :

OpenGazettes 06/07/2016 20

OpenCorporates :

OpenCorporates 06/07/2016 21

OpenCorporates :

OpenCorporates 06/07/2016 22

European Business Register :

European Business Register Gateway to official company information in 27 European countries (24 online via EBR) Different suppliers depending on country of residence - see For the UK the suppliers are Kompany and Kyckr (formerly GBRDirect ) 06/07/2016 23

kompany :

kompany Covers 50 million companies in 80 countries and jurisdictions Official registry information plus credit reports Need to sign in to view all of the free information 06/07/2016 24

Kyckr (formerly GBRDirect) :

Kyckr (formerly GBRDirect ) 06/07/2016 25

PrivCo Private Company Financial Intelligence:

PrivCo Private Company Financial Intelligence Subscription service, also single report purchase ($199) 06/07/2016 26

Legalinx 7side

Legalinx 7side Priced service UK companies and documents, directors information, insolvency reports Credit reports International registry and documents service 1 hour registry and documents service translation service available have agents "on the ground", can quickly tell you what is available in that country and what may not be available 06/07/2016 27

Company information – some additional priced services:

Company information – some additional priced services Bureau van Dijk ( BvD ) Dun and Bradstreet Experian UK Factiva LexisNexis Perfect Information - Thomson Reuters - 06/07/2016 28

Panama Papers :

Panama Papers 06/07/2016 29

Share prices:

Share prices Yahoo Finance (major stock markets only) Google finance (US, UK, Canada, some European stock markets, Australia, Hong Kong, China) – Markets, Equities section Priced services – Reuters, Thomson Reuters DataStream, Bloomberg 06/07/2016 30

Yahoo Finance:

Yahoo Finance 06/07/2016 31

Google Finance:

Google Finance 06/07/2016 32

Slide 33:

Google search options and commands for business research 06/07/2016 33

Private browsing - quickest way “un-personalise”search :

Private browsing - quickest way “un- personalise”search Chrome - New Incognito window Ctrl+Shift+N FireFox Ctrl+Shift+P Internet Explorer Ctrl+Shift+P Opera Ctrl+Shift+N Does NOT hide your IP address, will not remove country personalisation Not search engine specific, built into the browser 06/07/2016 34

Google rewrites your search:

Google now tells you which terms it has ignored (some of the time) “..” around terms, phrases, names, titles of documents does not always work To force an exact match and inclusion of a term in a search prefix it with ‘intext:’ intext:agricultural occupational asthma Use Verbatim for an exact match search 06/07/2016 35 Google rewrites your search

Google Verbatim:

Google Verbatim 06/07/2016 36

Think file format:

Think file format PDF for research documents, government reports, industry papers ppt or pptx for presentations, tracking down an expert on a topic xls or xlsx for spreadsheets containing data Use the advanced search screen or the filetype : command UK waste vegetable oil energy generation regulations filetype:pdf UK waste vegetable oil energy generation regulations filetype:ppt UK waste vegetable oil energy generation regulations filetype:pptx UK waste vegetable oil energy generation filetype:xls UK waste vegetable oil energy generation filetype:xlsx 06/07/2016 37

Google site::

Google site: site: to search within a site or type of site waste vegetable oil energy generation waste vegetable oil energy generation waste vegetable oil energy generation waste vegetable oil energy generation Can exclude sites using -site: agricultural occupational asthma UK – Does NOT search inside databases or protected areas Can combine with filetype: waste vegetable oil energy generation site:wales filetype:pdf 06/07/2016 38

Slide 39:

Date Restrict your results to information that has been published within the last hour, day, week, month, year or your own date range Search tools , Any time and select an option  06/07/2016 39


daterange: Date/Any time menu option cannot be used with Verbatim Use daterange : command instead Uses Julian date format (fractions omitted) Julian Date Converter, and information on Julian date format) is at Convert your dates to the Julian format and then, omitting the fractions, copy and paste them into your search Syntax: for example articles between 1 st January 2015 and 30 th June 2015 stem cell therapy diabetes daterange:2457023- 2457203 Then apply Verbatim to the results page 06/07/2016 40

Slide 41:

06/07/2016 41 Run your daterange search and then apply Verbatim

Google commands:

Google commands Numeric range search Anything to do with numbers and quantities: years, temperatures, weights, distances, prices etc Type in your two numbers separated by two full stops as part of your search. Can include a unit of measurement.   top 50..100 petroleum companies market capitalisation UK alzheimer’s forecast 2020..2030 toblerone 1..5 kg 06/07/2016 42

Slide 43:

Statistics, Industry and Market Data 06/07/2016 43

Slide 44:

Industry guides - The British Library 06/07/2016 44 PDFs Number of sectors covered Resources include publications and databases at the BL but also freely accessible websites

Official statistics:

Official statistics OFFSTATS Google Public data Explorer UK National Statistics Office for National Statistics Official Statistics in Scotland 06/07/2016 45

Official statistics (2):

Official statistics (2) Welsh Government Statistics & Research Welsh Assembly Government StatsWales Eurostat European Union Open Data Portal International organisations such as the World Bank, ILO 06/07/2016 46 : 06/07/2016 47

uktradeinfo :

uktradeinfo 06/07/2016 48


Zanran Zanran – great for data in tables, charts and graphs 06/07/2016 49

Statista :

Statista “The Statistics Portal for Market Data, Market Research and Market Studies” 60,000 topics from over 18,000 sources some information free, registration (free) required Chart of the day 06/07/2016 50

Finding market research - aggregators:

Finding market research - aggregators Pull together reports from many publishers and make them searchable through a single interface Can purchase reports through the one service Aggregators may not be comprehensive publishers may embargo reports for weeks or months publishers may withhold some reports from aggregators check the publisher’s own web site or email them to see if there is additional or more recent research available may get a better deal by going to the publisher direct use aggregators as an index to see who is publishing on your topic 06/07/2016 51

Examples of market research aggregators:

Examples of market research aggregators Alacrastore Report Buyer Research and Markets Profound - Market Intelligence 06/07/2016 52

Slide 53:

News & Social Media 06/07/2016 53

Free news:

Free news For tracking down individual newspapers World Newspaper Directory Google News advanced search options limited and not always reliable no source list and sources frequently change key industry publications may not be included and definitely not included if subscription legislation may restrict access to publications Use Google news and web search to identify specialist news portals or aggregators for your subject and monitor those direct 06/07/2016 54

Search National UK Newspapers :

Search National UK Newspapers 06/07/2016 55

British Newspaper Archive :

British Newspaper Archive 06/07/2016 56

British Newspaper Archive :

British Newspaper Archive 06/07/2016 57

Slide 58:

06/07/2016 58

Slide 59:

06/07/2016 59 Behind the headlines - Health News - NHS Choices

Debunking Euromyths:

Debunking Euromyths 06/07/2016 60 Euromyths and Letters to the Editor A-Z index European Commission in the UK – Euromyths and Letters to the Editor

Video – Google video vs YouTube:

Video – Google video vs YouTube 06/07/2016 61 Google video not the same as Youtube Google Video YouTube

Bing video:

Bing video 06/07/2016 62

Slide 63:

06/07/2016 63 Meltwater Icerocket blogs trend tool

Slide 64:

06/07/2016 64 Meltwater Icerocket blogs trend tool

Boardreader - Forum Search Engine :

Boardreader - Forum Search Engine 06/07/2016 65

And finally......:

And finally...... 06/07/2016 66 Spurious Correlations http://

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