Essential non-Google search tools for researchers - edited highlights

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Edited highlights from the workshop on non-Google search tools held in London on April 16th, 2015.


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03/05/2015 1 Essential non-Google Search Tools for Researchers [edited highlights] Thursday, 16 th April 2015, London Karen Blakeman , This work is licensed under a  Creative Commons Attribution- ShareAlike International License .

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Why not Google? 03/05/2015 2

It’s not just about conventional web pages:

It’s not just about conventional web pages 03/05/2015 3 Online in 60 seconds [ Infographic ] - A Year Later - Qmee Blog

Search Engine Market Share :

Search Engine Market Share 03/05/2015 4


Bing/Yahoo Yahoo now uses Bing’s database, commands and ranking algorithms Yahoo Finance still available No advanced search screen on Bing - use commands List at Advanced Operator Reference filetype: site: inbody : intitle : AND, NOT, OR parentheses for complex Boolean searches NEAR:n where n is a number, specifies that the terms must be within that number of words of each other and in any order banana NEAR:3 toffee Date option only for US version 03/05/2015 5

Bing :

Bing Results seem to be more consumer/retail focused more ‘shopping’ than research results improve as soon as you start using the advanced search commands Sometimes more up to date than Google updates sites more frequently adds new sites more quickly useful if you are looking for information on a new company or organisation BUT interesting features and options available to US users only changing location and version of Bing does not always work using anonymous proxy does not always work 03/05/2015 6

Bing gets personal:

Bing gets personal 03/05/2015 7 03/05/2015 8

When did Bing win:

When did Bing win Holiday destinations Tourist attractions Shopping Parts for a vintage car People 03/05/2015 9

Bing Video :

Bing Video 03/05/2015 10


Bing Bing images – good alternative to Google Bing videos – good alternative to Google (includes YouTube in results) Bing maps – much improved over the last 2-3 years and generally a good alternative to Google. Availability of different views including Streetside are dependant on location. Has Ordnance Survey option Bing news – limited coverage of non-US and regional titles compared with Google Bing Social (Twitter and Facebook search) – US only Close links and integration with Facebook, also LinkedIn 03/05/2015 11

Yahoo! Finance:

Yahoo! Finance 03/05/2015 12

DuckDuckGo – :

DuckDuckGo – Does not track, does not personalise R esults are a compilation of about 50 sources including Wikipedia, Wolfram Alpha, Bing, and its own Web crawler DuckDuckBot . “In partnership with Yandex ” Advanced search commands include: inbody : intitle : filetype: [site: used to work but now ignored on occasions] region:cc (e.g. de) to boost a country DuckDuckGo Syntax DuckDuckGo – silly name but a neat little search tool 03/05/2015 13

Millionshort :

Millionshort Million Short: unearthing information hidden in the dungeons of Google’s results Uses Bing API plus other sources Great for finding specialist articles that Google buries beyond reach Removes top 10k sites from results - can change to top million, 100k, 1k, 100 Can add sites back in, can block sites Can “Boost!” sites so that they always appear at the top Can use site: and filetype : commands Country versions give different results (under Manage Settings and Country) 03/05/2015 14

Million Short:

Million Short 03/05/2015 15

Slide 16:

Yandex for filetype use mime: diabetic retinopathy mime:pptx has an advanced search screen at Ask supports filetype: and site: 03/05/2015 16


Ask 03/05/2015 17

iSeek :

iSeek 03/05/2015 18 03/05/2015 19

Carrotsearch :

Carrotsearch 03/05/2015 20

Carrotsearch circles:

Carrotsearch circles 03/05/2015 21

Carrotsearch FoamTree:

Carrotsearch FoamTree 03/05/2015 22


WolframAlpha Computational knowledge engine, curated data Click Examples, Random, or an image in the homepage background to get an idea of what it covers 03/05/2015 23

Slide 24:

03/05/2015 24

Slide 25:

03/05/2015 25 Selected free tools for research information (not Google Scholar)

UK Gold versus Green OA:

UK Gold versus Green OA Gold OA researchers publish their articles in journals that offer open access publishing (can be established “conventional” publishers) articles can be made available free of charge to readers immediately author or institution/department pays article processing fee CC-BY Green OA researchers deposit copies of articles in an institutional or subject-based repository, subject to copyright/license permissions repository makes copies available to the public either immediately or embargoed (more common) period of embargo varies (for example ) CC-BY-NC 03/05/2015 26

Jeffrey Beall :

Jeffrey Beall Scholarly Open Access | Critical analysis of scholarly open-access publishing 03/05/2015 27 See also: Impact of Social Sciences – Beyond Beall’s List: We need a better understanding of predatory publishing without overstating its size and danger.

Microsoft Academic Search:

Microsoft Academic Search Journal articles, pre-prints, post-prints, conference proceedings, reports and white papers Free to use but the full text of some papers can only be viewed on payment of a fee to the original journal publisher Author may have several different profiles and articles may be assigned to wrong author Sometimes very slow to load Uses Silverlight for the charts 03/05/2015 28

Microsoft Academic Search:

Microsoft Academic Search 03/05/2015 29

Microsoft Academic Search:

Microsoft Academic Search 03/05/2015 30

ResearchGate - :

ResearchGate - 03/05/2015 31

03/05/2015 32

Institutional repositories and open access:

Institutional repositories and open access BASE - Bielefeld Academic Search Engine CORE ( COnnecting Repositories) DART-Europe E-theses Portal DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals Open DOAR RIAN - Pathways to Irish Research ROAR - Registry of Open Access Repositories OpenAIRE 03/05/2015 33

Specialist search tools:

Specialist search tools ArXiv BioMed Central Chemistry Central ChemSpider Deep Web Technologies Mednar Science Research WorldWideScience 03/05/2015 34

Specialist search tools:

Specialist search tools Europe PubMed Central Mendeley Open Biology PhilPapers : Online Research in Philosophy PubMed Central / SSRN Social Science Research Network http :// /   03/05/2015 35

BBC News - Public libraries get online access to research journals :

BBC News - Public libraries get online access to research journals 03/05/2015 36 For personal research, non-commercial use.

Slide 37:

Public Library Initiative by PLS and ProQuest | Access to Research List of participating libraries and publishers Public Library Initiative by PLS and ProQuest | Access To Research Search tool for the journals and articles covered by the agreement. Can view search results anywhere - articles can only be viewed on library premises 03/05/2015 37

Slide 38:

Official Information 03/05/2015 38

Oh joy - NOT!:

Oh joy - NOT! 39 More UK information vanishes into GOV.UK 17/03/2015

Welsh Government :

Welsh Government 03/05/2015 40 : 03/05/2015 41

The Scottish Government :

The Scottish Government 03/05/2015 42

The Northern Ireland Assembly :

The Northern Ireland Assembly 03/05/2015 43

Where’s the information gone to?:

Where’s the information gone to? List of departments, agencies and public bodies at “Home pages” on GOV.UK Data and information may still be on the old websites Data may have been moved to Information may have been sent to Or information may have been “lost” Don’t rely on just GOV.UK search – use Google/Bing site: command combined with filetype: if appropriate 44 17/03/2015 : 45 17/03/2015 03/05/2015 46

Wayback Machine :

Wayback Machine 47 17/03/2015

Digital Education Resource Archive (DERA) :

Digital Education Resource Archive (DERA) 03/05/2015 48 : Launched in 2010 Not all legislation has been updated Pending updates are flagged 03/05/2015 49

UK Parliament

UK Parliament 03/05/2015 50

Monitoring progress of legislation :

Monitoring progress of legislation 03/05/2015 51


Images 03/05/2015 52

Getty Images is NOT making all of its photos freely available :

Getty Images is NOT making all of its photos freely available Read the Embedded Viewer section of T&Cs Only a selection of its images Have to use the embedded viewer tool Only for “ editorial purposes (meaning relating to events that are newsworthy or of public interest) .” Cannot be used for commercial purposes Getty may start adding advertisements to the viewer 03/05/2015 53

Bing images:

Bing images 03/05/2015 54

TinEye Reverse Image Search :

TinEye Reverse Image Search Search using an uploaded image or a URL of an image Finds out where an image came from, how it’s being used, modified versions, if a higher resolution version exists Plug-in for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE, Opera Free version not as comprehensive as Google’s reverse image search Search Creative Commons images by colour select up to 5 colours can adjust the proportions of each colour check copyright license on original image before using [I’ve found occasional ‘all rights reserved’ images] 03/05/2015 55

Creative Commons and public domain images:

Creative Commons and public domain images Always check the copyright on individual photos Flickr Creative Commons Flickr The Commons Multicolr Search Lab Chromatik – Exalead Labs Wikimedia Commons Geograph “UK and Ireland photos of landmarks and buildings for every Ordnance Survey grid” Wellcome Images Most of the images on US government web sites Nasa 03/05/2015 56 : 03/05/2015 57 : 03/05/2015 58

TinEye Multicolr

TinEye Multicolr 03/05/2015 59 : 03/05/2015 60

Geograph :

Geograph 03/05/2015 61

Historypin :

Historypin 03/05/2015 62 Photos, video, audio – all types of licenses Uses Google Maps, Street View and other apps

Slide 63:

BBC - Your Paintings Looking for photographs | The National Archives Flickr: The National Archives UK's Photostream English Heritage Images of England: a searchable photographic archive of the historic buildings of England Local libraries, for example Old Newcastle in Photos 03/05/2015 63

Slide 64:

17/03/2015 64 Statistics, open data and industry sector information

Slide 65:

British Library Business & IP Centre in London Industry guides 03/05/2015 65 PDFs Number of sectors covered Resources include publications and databases at the BL but also freely accessible websites

Official statistics:

Official statistics OFFSTATS Google Public data Explorer UK National Statistics Office for National Statistics Official Statistics in Scotland Welsh Government Statistics & Research Welsh Assembly Government StatsWales Eurostat European Union Open Data Portal International organisations such as the World Bank, ILO 03/05/2015 66 : 03/05/2015 67

Slide 68:

03/05/2015 68 Office for National Statistics (ONS)

StatsWales :

StatsWales 03/05/2015 69 : 03/05/2015 70

Slide 71: 71 Free Companies House data to boost UK economy - Press releases - GOV.UK 17/03/2015

Companies House free data:

Companies House free data Bulk data – all or nothing Large daily files available as zipped files No support provided – you’re on your own! 72 17/03/2015

European Union - Open Data Portal :

European Union - Open Data Portal 03/05/2015 73

Slide 74:

03/05/2015 74 The Guardian

Statista :

Statista “The Statistics Portal for Market Data, Market Research and Market Studies” 60,000 topics from over 18,000 sources some information free, registration (free) required Chart of the day 03/05/2015 75


Zanran Zanran – great for data in tables, charts and graphs 03/05/2015 76

Spurious correlations! Per capita consumption of cheese (US) correlates with Number of people who died by becoming tangled in their bedsheets :

Spurious correlations! Per capita consumption of cheese (US) correlates with Number of people who died by becoming tangled in their bedsheets 77 17/03/2015

News, alerts and current awareness:

News, alerts and current awareness 03/05/2015 78


Video Bing Videos Vimeo “Your Videos Belong Here” Dailymotion blinkx Video “A simple way to discover and share great videos” Individual news sites ITN Source “The world's leading provider of archive footage" 03/05/2015 79

News other than Google:

News other than Google Bing and Yahoo News nowhere near as comprehensive as Google News Follow favourite newspapers Follow favourite blogs Identify subject/industry portals Twitter Facebook RSS feeds 03/05/2015 80

ProQuest Newsstand:

ProQuest Newsstand 03/05/2015 81 Selection also available through public libraries (personal use only) : Create a “newspaper” from your Twitterstream, Google+ account, Facebook, or for a hashtag or keyword Sign in with your Twitter or Facebook account set up a separate account if you prefer for use with, a “nom de plume” Automatically identifies articles, videos, photos from links in postings All papers are public 03/05/2015 82 03/05/2015 83 (Permaculture) : ( Permaculture ) 03/05/2015 84 : 03/05/2015 85 Curated news e.g.


Storify 03/05/2015 86

Slide 87:

03/05/2015 87

Slide 88:

03/05/2015 88

Social Searcher :

Social Searcher 03/05/2015 89 03/05/2015 90

Twitter Search :

Twitter Search Advanced Twitter search - 03/05/2015 91

Use advanced Twitter search commands:

Use advanced Twitter search commands 03/05/2015 92 See also the free guide on Searching Twitter at

Tweetdeck :

Tweetdeck 03/05/2015 93

Facebook Groups and Pages:

Facebook Groups and Pages 03/05/2015 94

RSS (RSSOwl - desktop only):

RSS ( RSSOwl - desktop only) 03/05/2015 95

Keeping up to date:

Keeping up to date SearchReSearch Search Engine Land Search Engine Roundtable Search Engine Watch Karen Blakeman’s Blog Phil Bradley's weblog 03/05/2015 96

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