Seek and you will find?

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Yes ... but probably not what you were expecting! Presentation given to NetIKX at the British Dental association in London, 18th March 2015


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Seek and you will find? Yes ... but probably not what you were expecting:

Seek and you will find? Yes ... but probably not what you were expecting NetIKX , 18 th March 2015 , #netikx72 British Dental Association, 64 Wimpole Street, London W1G 8YS Karen Blakeman RBA Information Services karenblakeman Presentation available for a short time at : http:// This work is licensed under a  Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License .

EU - so called “right to be forgotten” ruling:

EU - so called “right to be forgotten” ruling 2 Mario Costeja Gonzalez Edition of Monday, January 19, 1998, page 23 - Newspaper - EU Court of Justice ruled that Google is a “data controller” under Data Protection legislation and must remove, if requested, links to information that is “inadequate, irrelevant .... or excessive” from search results on a person’s name . Applies to search engines in the EU, Norway, Lichtenstein, Iceland and Switzerland 17/03/2015

Slide 3: 3 Scale of EU 'right to be forgotten' rules revealed by Google 17/03/2015

Slide 4: 4 Spanish Newspapers Suddenly Regret Forcing Google Out Of Spain - How Google News Lives On In Spain Despite Being Closed 17/03/2015

Oh joy - NOT!:

Oh joy - NOT! 5 More UK information vanishes into GOV.UK 17/03/2015

Where’s the information gone to?:

Where’s the information gone to? List of departments, agencies and public bodies at “Home pages” on GOV.UK Data and information may still be on the old websites Data may have been moved to Information may have been sent to Or information may have been “lost” Don’t rely on just GOV.UK search – use Google/Bing site: command combined with filetype: if appropriate 6 17/03/2015

Slide 7: 7 17/03/2015

"Yes Minister" The Skeleton in the Cupboard (TV Episode 1982) - Quotes - IMDb :

"Yes Minister" The Skeleton in the Cupboard (TV Episode 1982) - Quotes - IMDb 8 James Hacker : [ reads memo ] This file contains the complete set of papers, except for a number of secret documents, a few others which are part of still active files, some correspondence lost in the floods of 1967... James Hacker : Was 1967 a particularly bad winter? Sir Humphrey Appleby : No, a marvellous winter. We lost no end of embarrassing files. James Hacker : [ reads ] Some records which went astray in the move to London and others when the War Office was incorporated in the Ministry of Defence, and the normal withdrawal of papers whose publication could give grounds for an action for libel or breach of confidence or cause embarrassment to friendly governments. James Hacker : That's pretty comprehensive. How many does that normally leave for them to look at? James Hacker : How many does it actually leave? About a hundred?... Fifty?... Ten?... Five?... Four?... Three?... Two?... One?... *Zero?* Sir Humphrey Appleby : Yes, Minister. [Add “transfer to GOV.UK” to the list of excuses] 17/03/2015 : 9 17/03/2015

Wayback Machine :

Wayback Machine 10 17/03/2015

Remember - Google knows best:

Remember - Google knows best Google very kindly.... Goes to great lengths to personalise your results according to your search history, contacts, location, device, phase of the moon, the train, bus or tram you take to work and anything else it can think of Rewrites your search for you by leaving out some of your terms and looking for weird and wonderful alternatives Doesn’t bother you with everything that might be relevant Changes its algorithms on a regular basis to keep you on your toes Constantly conducts experiments on you to ensure that you don’t feel forgotten 11 17/03/2015

Slide 12:

Google no longer looks at keywords in isolation Tries to make “sense” of your search and put it into context, natural language queries, uses what others have searched and clicked on Constantly changing – all bets are off when it comes to predicting what your results will look like How you ask your question is taken into account, device you are using is taken into account Providing Quick Answers and “facts”, extracts from websites giving you the “answer” 12 17/03/2015

Slide 13: 13 17/03/2015

Slide 14: 14 17/03/2015

Slide 15:

17/03/2015 15

Slide 16: 16 17/03/2015

Slide 17: 17 17/03/2015

Slide 18: 18 17/03/2015

Slide 19: 19 What could possibly go wrong? 17/03/2015

Slide 20: 20 17/03/2015

And then on another day...: 21 And then on another day... 17/03/2015 : 22 17/03/2015

One of many wrong Quick Answers submitted to me by a delegate at a recent conference:

One of many wrong Quick Answers submitted to me by a delegate at a recent conference 23 Many thanks to Philip Stirups for the example. About 24 hours after taking this screen shot Google corrected the error. 17/03/2015

Slide 24: 24 Google "Henry VIII wives": Jane Seymour reveals search engine's blind spots Image courtesy of Will Oremus 17/03/2015

Slide 25: 25 17/03/2015

Waitrose Caversham opening times New Year’s Day:

Waitrose Caversham opening times New Year’s Day 26 Google used the standard opening times in its answer, not the seasonal opening times 17/03/2015

Slide 27: 27 But Google’s choice of “basic factual data” may be wrong! 17/03/2015

Slide 28: 28 Google wants to rank websites based on facts not links - 28 February 2015 - New Scientist 17/03/2015

Or maybe not....:

Or maybe not.... 29 Google: We Are Not Using Facts For Search Engine Ranking Now 17/03/2015

Artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence 30 Artificial Intelligence machine plays video games like a pro - CBBC Newsround Google buys UK artificial intelligence startup Deepmind for £400m Google buys two more UK artificial intelligence startups 17/03/2015

Slide 31: 31 But official data is OK isn’t it? 17/03/2015 Google Public Data Explorer Minimum Wage: Google Public Data Explorer Minimum Wage 32 Some countries are missing e.g. Germany 17/03/2015

Eurostat - Minimum Wage:

Eurostat - Minimum Wage 33 17/03/2015

Slide 34: 34 17/03/2015 - uses Land Registry data: - uses Land Registry data 35 Land Registry data often goes missing. I know that 10 months ago the sold price for number 90 was listed as £185,000 and for 2012. 17/03/2015

Slide 36: 36 Data doesn’t show up via the Land Registry Open Data interface either. 17/03/2015

Missing data:

Missing data 37 Error report filed with the Land Registry - still waiting for a response Why might a property/price paid not appear in the data? Seems not that uncommon according to discussion boards – usually data entry error (but the above example was in the open data sets until a few months ago) Absence of price – gift of property or purchase of a share Impractical to calculate price e.g. bulk purchase of properties Commercial transactions Raw data files downloaded and searched and data for number 90 is missing 17/03/2015

Title document:

Title document 38 Data IS present in the title document. 17/03/2015

Slide 39: 39 Free Companies House data to boost UK economy - Press releases - GOV.UK 17/03/2015

Companies House free data:

Companies House free data Bulk data – all or nothing Large daily files available as zipped files No support provided – you’re on your own! 40 17/03/2015

Companies House free data:

Companies House free data 41 Each file within the zipped file is a separate document. Note the uninformative file names! 17/03/2015

Slide 42: 42 Variable Pitch Uses public electricity micro-generation data 17/03/2015

Slide 43: 43 Variable Pitch Virginia Station is the hydroelectric installation at Windsor Castle – no data! 17/03/2015

FoI request generation data for Virginia Station:

FoI request generation data for Virginia Station 44 https:// 17/03/2015

And finally..... Per capita consumption of cheese (US) correlates with Number of people who died by becoming tangled in their bedsheets :

And finally..... Per capita consumption of cheese (US) correlates with Number of people who died by becoming tangled in their bedsheets 45 17/03/2015

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