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UKeiG workshop on social search, 28th October 2014. Held at Euston House, Eversholt Street, London


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Philip Cottrell Spain Provides Education Regarding Media Impact

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29/10/2014 1 Social Search UKeiG, 28 th October 2014, London Karen Blakeman RBA Information Services karenblakeman Slides available on authorSTREAM, Slideshare and This work is licensed under a  Creative Commons Attribution- ShareAlike License .

Gary's Social Media Count | PERSONALIZE MEDIA :

Gary's Social Media Count | PERSONALIZE MEDIA 29/10/2014 2

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Facebook for keeping up with friends and family, gossip, rumour, community related events and activities, local services, home stuff, fun stuff, discussions, news, links to articles and videos, companies (sometimes), “business” pages, reputation monitoring Twitter for news and current awareness, keeping up with what people are doing, following conferences, open discussions, reputation monitoring Video e.g. YouTube, Vimeo – “how to”, educational videos, presentations, interviews, promotional activities, news, music, fun stuff Podcasts – interviews, discussions, lectures Photo sharing (Flickr, Facebook, Blipfoto , Instagram ), presentation sharing (Slideshare, authorSTREAM) Social, peer to peer, visual - “dark matter” of the Internet 29/10/2014 3

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Many experts, academics, researchers, industry gurus have active blogs Blogs now incorporated into main search on Google and Google News – no separate blog search anymore Great way to tap into expert knowledge especially with new and innovative technologies and industries Essential for competitive intelligence and reputation monitoring Twitter up to the minute but skewed view of what is happening 29/10/2014 4

Social media & professional networks:

Social media & professional networks 29/10/2014 5

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29/10/2014 6

Social is everywhere:

Social is everywhere 29/10/2014 7

Social tracks you everywhere :

Social tracks you everywhere 29/10/2014 8 Ghostery for Chrome Lightbeam for Firefox

Authenticity and trust:

Authenticity and trust Look at the biography or profile if there is one. Check out previous work, postings, tweets etc. Who else is part of their network? Are they in any Twitter lists? Who is linking or referring to the article and what are they saying about it Put the posting, tweet or update into context look at the whole conversation or timeline, who else is contributing Look for clues, what isn’t there? 29/10/2014 9

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29/10/2014 10

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29/10/2014 11 iPhone 4 to be recalled: it’s true – the Daily Mail says so Phil Bradley's weblog Phil Bradley's weblog: Fair Play to Richard Ashmore

It's Over: The Rise & Fall Of Google Authorship For Search Results :

29/10/2014 12 It's Over: The Rise & Fall Of Google Authorship For Search Results

Google Authorship:

Google Authorship 29/10/2014 13 Without Google Authorship

Google no longer needs Google Authorship?:

Google no longer needs Google Authorship? 29/10/2014 14 How Search Engines Discover Who You Are in the Semantic Web (and why this matters to your business)

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29/10/2014 15 True or false: “Germany Now Produces Half of its Energy Using Solar” Germany Now Produces Half Of Its Energy Using Solar | IFLScience Image: Thomas Quine

Slide 16:

29/10/2014 16 True or false: Drinking water near some fracking sites is so heavily contaminated with methane that you can set fire to it The Gasland movie: a fracking shame – director pulls video to hide inconvenient truths | Watts Up With That? TRUE! But it is not CAUSED by fracking . People who live in this area have been doing this party trick since the 1920s/1930s long before fracking arrived.

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29/10/2014 17 True or false: U2’s Bono has Ebola HOAX - 'U2's Bono Has Ebola' Photo:

Slide 18:

29/10/2014 18 True or false: Genetically modified corn causes cancers in rats RETRACTED: Long term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup-tolerant genetically modified maize

Slide 19:

29/10/2014 19 True or false: Human meat discovered in McDonald’s factories in the US NONSENSE - 'McDonalds Using Human Meat'

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29/10/2014 20 True or false: Hoax - Birthplace of George W. Bush What is wrong with this image?

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29/10/2014 21 UK wind farms outperform nuclear power plants over 24 hours - Science - News - The Independent True or false: UK wind farms produce more electricity than UK nuclear power plants Adapted from Tim Green’s Ovenden Wind Farm, from Keelham Adapted from SNappa2006, Sizewell B

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29/10/2014 22 True or false: Hundreds of whales died as a result of radiation poisoning from the Fukushima reactor disaster From : No, Radiation from Fukushima has NOT Killed Hundreds of Whales

“Hone your nonsense radar”:

“Hone your nonsense radar” Watts Up With That? | The world's most viewed site on global warming and climate change Latest Email and Social Media Hoaxes - Current Internet Scams - Hoax-Slayer The Museum of Hoaxes Snopes Retraction Watch | Tracking retractions as a window into the scientific process 29/10/2014 23

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29/10/2014 24 A Rough Guide to Spotting Bad Science | Compound Interest

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29/10/2014 25 Spurious Correlations

General Search and Monitoring Tools:

General Search and Monitoring Tools 29/10/2014 26

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Google and Bing are not very good at searching social media Bing is slightly better than Google for but most of its social search options are restricted to people who are located in the US Free third party tools searching social media give a superficial overview because of API limits but that may be enough (bear in mind you might miss essential information) Priced services give more detail and analysis but you may still have to search within the network itself Searching within the network/service gives you more options and access to more information But some tools require you to sign in using your network ID 29/10/2014 27

Bing gets personal :

Bing gets personal 29/10/2014 28

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29/10/2014 29 Bing Adds New Twitter-Based Search Features - SEW R E S T R I C T E D - US O N L Y

Socialmention :

Socialmention 29/10/2014 30

Socialmention :

Socialmention 29/10/2014 31

Socialmention :

Socialmention 29/10/2014 32

Socialmention :

Socialmention 29/10/2014 33 Twitter search sidebars

Meltwater Icerocket :

Meltwater Icerocket 29/10/2014 34

Meltwater Icerocket - Trends:

Meltwater Icerocket - Trends 29/10/2014 35 : 29/10/2014 36 Priced service

Netvibes dashboard :

Netvibes dashboard 29/10/2014 37 Requires registration (free)

Netvibes dashboard :

Netvibes dashboard 29/10/2014 38

Netvibes dashboard :

Netvibes dashboard 29/10/2014 39

Netvibes Reader :

Netvibes Reader 29/10/2014 40

Social Searcher :

Social Searcher 29/10/2014 41

Social Searcher analytics:

Social Searcher analytics 29/10/2014 42

Social Searcher analytics:

Social Searcher analytics 29/10/2014 43

Social Searcher analytics – positive sentiment:

Social Searcher analytics – positive sentiment 29/10/2014 44 Twitter Google+

Social Searcher analytics – negative sentiment:

Social Searcher analytics – negative sentiment 29/10/2014 45 Twitter Google+

Social Searcher :

Social Searcher 29/10/2014 46

Mention :

Mention 29/10/2014 47

Mention :

Mention 29/10/2014 48

Mention :

Mention 29/10/2014 49

Mention :

Mention 29/10/2014 50

Priced search and monitoring services across multiple networks:

Priced search and monitoring services across multiple networks Some offer free trials Mention Social Searcher Meltwater Trackur Radian6 Sprout Social Engage121 SocialBro Datasift Gnip (now owned by Twitter) 29/10/2014 51

Eventifier :

Eventifier 29/10/2014 52

Searching networks separately:

Searching networks separately 29/10/2014 53

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Can you share the information you find? 29/10/2014 54 R E S T R I C T E D A C C E S S Important to be aware of privacy levels within your networks, circles, groups, protected accounts Gain permission from your contacts – but may not be possible if conducting confidential research If you can, use public sources to “ rediscover ” and verify information

Twitter – manage and search tweets using your Twitter client:

Twitter – manage and search tweets using your Twitter client 29/10/2014 55 e.g. Tweetdeck (below), Hootsuite

Twitter Search :

Twitter Search Advanced Twitter search - 29/10/2014 56 Follow a conference using its hashtag See opinions of speakers at an event Links to presentations & papers See what a person tweets and how they interact with others

Use advanced Twitter search commands:

Use advanced Twitter search commands 29/10/2014 57 See also the free guide on Searching Twitter at

Twitter Analytics :

Twitter Analytics 29/10/2014 58 Twitter Analytics is now free for all: so what can libraries get out of it? — Ned Potter Use Twitter well, as a researcher, and report on your success | A librarian abroad

Twitter Analytics - Followers:

Twitter Analytics - Followers 29/10/2014 59

Topsy :

Topsy 29/10/2014 60 Now owned by Apple Topsy Pro no longer exists

Topsy search:

Topsy search 29/10/2014 61

Topsy analytics:

Topsy analytics 29/10/2014 62


Topsy 29/10/2014 63

Twazzup :

Twazzup 29/10/2014 64 : 29/10/2014 65


Facebook 29/10/2014 66

Facebook – Pages Feed:

Facebook – Pages Feed 29/10/2014 67

Facebook Graph Search:

Facebook Graph Search 29/10/2014 68 Need to set your language to English (US)

Facebook Graph Search:

Facebook Graph Search 29/10/2014 69 Pay for your message to go into recipients main Inbox

Facebook - Insights:

Facebook - Insights 29/10/2014 70

Google Plus:

Google Plus 29/10/2014 71

Linkedin :

Linkedin 29/10/2014 72

LinkedIn InMaps:

LinkedIn InMaps 29/10/2014 73 N O L o n g e r a v a i l a b l e

ResearchGate - :

ResearchGate - 29/10/2014 74

29/10/2014 75

Video – Google vs YouTube:

Video – Google vs YouTube 29/10/2014 76 Not the same as Youtube Google Video YouTube

Bing Video :

Bing Video 29/10/2014 77

Vimeo :

Vimeo 29/10/2014 78

Photos –

Photos – Pages, groups Creative Commons – The commons - Search has been “upgraded” and now unreliable 29/10/2014 79

Compfight :

Compfight Searches Flickr photos – sometimes better results than Flickr itself Search “All text” gives best results Select “Any license”, “Creative commons” or “Commercial” but click through to original and check the full details of the license 29/10/2014 80

Google Image Search – by usage rights:

Google Image Search – by usage rights 29/10/2014 81

Bing Images - License:

Bing Images - License 29/10/2014 82

Images :

Images Also Facebook, Instagram , Blipfoto , Google+ Morguefile Free for commercial use Geograph Creative Commons attribution for commercial use Wikimedia Commons 29/10/2014 83

Historypin – :

Historypin – 29/10/2014 84 – visual bookmarking: – visual bookmarking 29/10/2014 85

Social bookmarking:

Social bookmarking Delicious CiteULike Diigo Mendeley 29/10/2014 86

Peer Reviewed Research and Authors:

Peer Reviewed Research and Authors 29/10/2014 87

Slide 88:

29/10/2014 88 Rank Stupidity? by Blaise Cronin - Project Syndicate 29/10/2014 89

Google Scholar verified author and citations:

Google Scholar verified author and citations 29/10/2014 90

Microsoft Academic Search:

Microsoft Academic Search Journal articles, pre-prints, post-prints, conference proceedings, reports and white papers Free to use but the full text of some papers can only be viewed on payment of a fee to the original journal publisher Author may have several different profiles and articles may be assigned to wrong author Sometimes very slow to load 29/10/2014 91

Microsoft Academic Search:

Microsoft Academic Search 29/10/2014 92

Microsoft Academic Search:

Microsoft Academic Search 29/10/2014 93

Altmetric - :

Altmetric - 29/10/2014 94


Altmetric 29/10/2014 95

Slide 96:

29/10/2014 96

Slide 97:

29/10/2014 97

Slide 98:

29/10/2014 98

Slide 99:

29/10/2014 99

Alerting Services:

Alerting Services 29/10/2014 100

Yasni :

Yasni 29/10/2014 101

Slide 102:

29/10/2014 102

Slide 103:

29/10/2014 103

Yasni – email monitoring:

Yasni – email monitoring 29/10/2014 104

Yasni – email monitoring:

Yasni – email monitoring 29/10/2014 105 – keyword Biofuels – keyword Biofuels 29/10/2014 106 – keyword Biofuels – keyword Biofuels 29/10/2014 107 – email alert: – email alert 29/10/2014 108 29/10/2014 109 - bookmarklet: - bookmarklet 29/10/2014 110

Google alerts:

Google alerts 29/10/2014 111

RSS alerts via Google News :

RSS alerts via Google News 29/10/2014 112

Talkwalker – :

Talkwalker – 29/10/2014 113

Slide 114:

29/10/2014 114

Google vs Talkwalker RSS alerts:

Google vs Talkwalker RSS alerts 29/10/2014 115

And finally..... CLOSE YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT NOW!!!!! - YouTube :

And finally..... CLOSE YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT NOW!!!!! - YouTube 29/10/2014 116

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