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Presentation given at the Internet Sourcing Workshop, 17th September 2013, Prospero House, Borough High Street, London. Part of the Discover Sourcing conference organised by UK Sourcers.


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08/11/2013 1 Alternatives to Google Internet Sourcing Workshop 17 th September 2013, London # discsource This presentation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License twitter: @ karenblakeman

Search Engine Market Share :

Search Engine Market Share 08/11/2013 2

Gary's Social Media Count | PERSONALIZE MEDIA :

Gary's Social Media Count | PERSONALIZE MEDIA 08/11/2013 3


Bing/Yahoo Yahoo now uses Bing’s database, commands and ranking algorithms No advanced search screen - use commands. List at Advanced Operator Reference filetype : site: inbody : inurl : AND, NOT, OR parentheses for complex Boolean searches NEAR:n where n is a number, specifies that the terms must be within that number of words of each other and in any order - director NEAR:3 marketing 08/11/2013 4

Limit by date:

Limit by date Bing – US version only Yahoo 08/11/2013 5


Bing Results seem to be more consumer/retail focused more ‘shopping’ than research results improve as soon as you start using the advanced search commands Sometimes more up to date than Google updates sites more frequently adds new sites more quickly useful if you are looking for information on a new company or organisation Many features and options available to US users only changing your location does not always work using anonymous proxy does not always work 08/11/2013 6

Bing gets personal – US version only:

Bing gets personal – US version only 08/11/2013 7

DuckDuckGo – :

DuckDuckGo – Does not track, does not personalise R esults are a compilation of about 50 sources including Wikipedia, Wolfram Alpha, Bing, Blekko and its own Web crawler DuckDuckBot Advanced search commands include: site: inbody : intitle : filetype : sort:date to sort by date (uses results from Blekko ) region:cc (e.g. de) to boost a country DuckDuckGo Syntax DuckDuckGo – silly name but a neat little search tool 08/11/2013 8


DuckDuckGo Great if you are fed up with Google “spamming” your results list with pages from just two or three sites Great if you want a good range of different types of sites in your results Web is the default but click on the downward pointing arrow next to the search box on the results page to see other options (some of them Google) 08/11/2013 9


DuckDuckGo 08/11/2013 10

Millionshort :

Millionshort Million Short: unearthing information hidden in the dungeons of Google’s results Uses Bing API plus other sources Great for finding specialist articles that Google buries beyond reach Removes top 10k sites from results - can change to top million, 100k, 1k, 100 Can add sites back in, can block sites Can “Boost!” sites so that they always appear at the top Can use site: and filetype : commands Country versions give different results (under Manage Settings and Country) 08/11/2013 11

Million Short:

Million Short 08/11/2013 12

Yandex :

Yandex For filetype use mime: zeolites environmental remediation mime:pptx site: command supported zeolites environmental remediation Has an advanced search screen at 08/11/2013 13 Blekko , Ask , Teoma Support both filetype : and site:

Yandex :

Yandex International version of the Russian search engine 08/11/2013 14

Blekko :

Blekko 08/11/2013 15


Ask 08/11/2013 16

Teoma :

Teoma 08/11/2013 17


Exalead 08/11/2013 18

Microsoft Academic Search:

Microsoft Academic Search Journal articles, pre-prints, post-prints, conference proceedings, reports and white papers Free to use but the full text of some papers can only be viewed on payment of a fee to the original journal publisher Author may have several different profiles and articles may be assigned to wrong author Sometimes very slow to load Uses Silverlight for the charts 08/11/2013 19

Microsoft Academic Search:

Microsoft Academic Search 08/11/2013 20

Microsoft Academic Search:

Microsoft Academic Search 08/11/2013 21


Blogs Many academics, researchers, industry experts have active blogs Great way to identify experts especially within new and innovative technologies and industries Almost instant publication of posts Search using or click on More in the menu above your results in Google and then Blogs 08/11/2013 22

Slideshare :

Slideshare Search using Slideshare’s own search engine or use Google site: 08/11/2013 23

Twitter search:

Twitter search Great for following events (follow the hashtag), identifying speakers, industry experts, finding out more about a person’s interests Use followers, following and lists to find people with similar interests and expertise Twitter search , Instructions and advanced commands at 08/11/2013 24

Twitter search commands:

Twitter search commands Oxford University for both Oxford and University (default) “Oxford University” for the exact phrase “Oxford University” beer OR ale finds tweets containing either beer or ale, or both (note that OR must be in capital letters) beer –skittles contains beer but not skittles #ili2009 contains the hashtag #ili2009 #ili2009 filter:links contains the hashtag #ili2009 and URLs. An excellent way of finding links to conference presentations and related material. 08/11/2013 25

Twitter search commands:

Twitter search commands from:karenblakeman Tweets sent by karenblakeman to:karenblakeman Tweets sent to karenblakeman @ karenblakeman Tweets referring to karenblakeman #ili2009 since:2009-10-01 contains #ili2009 and sent since 1st October 2009. The format is YYYY-MM-DD #ili2009 until:2009-10-31 Contains #ili2009 and sent up to 31 st October 2009. The format is YYYY-MM-DD snow :( contains snow and a negative sentiment snow :) contains snow and a positive sentiment 08/11/2013 26

Twitter search:

Twitter search Topsy recently revamped – access to all of Twitter, priced access to full analytic features Twazzup good for analysing activity around a conference hashtag Tagboard - Find People to Follow on Twitter Followerwonk : Twitter analytics, follower segmentation, social graph tracking, & more 08/11/2013 27

Facebook Graph Search:

Facebook Graph Search Change your language to English US under account settings [has not worked for me] Facebook Graph Search Demo Facebook Opengraph Search 08/11/2013 28

PowerPoint Presentation:

LinkedIn Company Check - includes free UK company director search Pipl - People Search 08/11/2013 29

Keeping up to date:

Keeping up to date Inside Search Official Google Blog Google Scholar Blog SearchReSearch : Search Engine Land Search Engine Watch Boolean Black Belt-Sourcing/Recruiting Karen Blakeman’s Blog Phil Bradley's weblog 08/11/2013 30

Free fact sheets :

Free fact sheets Search Strategies - Search Tools Summary and Comparison of Commands (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo ) Search Strategies - Top Search Tips Searching Twitter 08/11/2013 31

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