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A WordPress Plugin to convert the visitors into the plugin. Hello Bar, provide ease to display call-to-action, pop-ups, and messages over the website.


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Hello Bar:

Hello Bar Convert visitors into customers

Why am I presenting this?:

Why am I presenting this? This presentation will cover: What is Hello Bar? What its advantages and benefits What is its purpose? How it will be helpful for us? How it will be helpful for our clients? How we can use it? What is its pricing plan?


Know About Hello Bar Built by the online marketers Built for the online marketers A tool to attract the customers Open source software Standalone application integrated with WordPress Popular among the more than 5 lacs digital marketers Fully integrates tools and features to display the messages at right time

Advantages & Benefits:

Advantages & Benefits A lead-generation booster for a website to drive the traffic Grow email lists hence increased subscribers Generate new leads Social Media Sharing Ability to build social media following hence Increased following Boost revenue by reducing the cart abandonment (Ecommerce sites) Decrease the site’s bounce rate High Conversion Rate


Purpose Divert the attention of the visitors towards important call-to-action Design the messages over the website for the visitors Helpful to stay the visitor over the website for a longer time Ability to ready custom pop-ups within 5 minutes to display over the website Analytics ( analyze the data of previous moth, current week, custom dates) Subscriber data can be extracted Targeting (send right messages to right customers by scheduling the timings) A/B testing (grab emails, clicks, followers, optimize sales)

How it will be Helpful for us?:

How it will be Helpful for us? We can promote content at top social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. We will be able to target the larger number of followers Through social media linking, our clients or audience will be able to follow our pages Our clients can subscribe to our email list and we can grow our email marketing list (simple email sign up form) Attract more and more leads as we can easily showcase our content Extremely helpful for Call To Action Usage of yes/no buttons can drive the traffic directly to right landing page Can create visual harmony in our site’s logo

How it will be helpful for our clients?:

How it will be helpful for our clients? Convert website visitors into paying customers for our client’s website We can boost email signups and conversions for our valued clients We can display clearly deal offers over the Ecommerce websites of our clients for their visitors

How we can use it?:

How we can use it? Create account with Hello Bar Compatible with PHP5+ version and WordPress2.9x+ version Its extremely quick to set up with an attractive style Offers easy simple interface to set color, fonts, and textures The size and placement of call to action buttons can be adjusted easily Simply all its features are free but to use the detailed functionalities, have to use Pro-plan

Pricing Plan:

Pricing Plan Hello Bar offers three pricing plans other than the free trial $4.95  per month for 100 click-throughs $12.95  for 500 click-throughs every month $29.95  for 2500 click throughs per month

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