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9/23/2011 Engine Diagnostics Servicing Keeping you Road Safe! www.karautomotive.net

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9/23/2011 Engine diagnostics has become an integral part of servicing a car.

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9/23/2011 No matter how clever you may be, you simply cannot fix an engine if you are unable to know what is wrong with it!

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9/23/2011 You may not be able to speak to your car’s diagnostic system.

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9/23/2011 There are a series of questions in Diagnosing Engine Problems,

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9/23/2011 that when answered with diagnostic testing, can provide the path to the solution.

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Don’t leave your engine health to chance.

A reputable company like Kar Automotive will carefully go over with you. :

A reputable company like Kar Automotive will carefully go over with you.

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(616 ) 241-9046 1402 Chicago Drive SW Wyoming, MI http://www.karautomotive.net Kar Automotive

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