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Total Station Lecture:

Total Station Lecture

Components of a Total Station:

Components of a Total Station EDM Electronic theodolite On-Board Micro-processor Data Collector (built in or separate unit) Data Storage (internal or memory card) Prisms


Micro-processor Averages multiple angle measurements Averages multiple distance measurements Computes horizontal and vertical distances Corrections for temp, pressure and humidity Computes inverses, polars, resections Computes X, Y and Z coordinates P A B “RESECTION”


Specifications Range Reflectorless –> 3 – 70 meters Single Prism -> 1 – 2000 m Triple Prism -> 1 – 2200 m Accuracy Angles –> 1 - 5” Distance –> 3mm + 2ppm (prism) -> 4mm + 3ppm (reflectorless) Data Storage 2000 – 4000 points

Field to Finish Operation:

Field to Finish Operation Control/operation (robotic) Measurement and basic comps Final Comps, checks and outputs Transfer remotely (radio/cell phone) Memory card USB and Compact Flash Automatic target recognition

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